GTA V Goes Retro With This (Almost) Century Old Mod

This one is for all you retro car enthusiasts out there, although those with an interest in 3D modelling might consider this a treat as well – the fine workmanship on this mod is apparent. Also when we say “retro”, we really mean retro and when we say “car”, we mean a horse-drawn carriage which was later modified and outfitted with a rudimentary engine, making it the first four wheeled automobile in practice, but not in technicality.


When you have the kinds of vehicles in GTA V such as the Coil Brawler and the Progen T20, something like the Daimler 1886 motorized carriage might seem out of place. Visually, it is, however since you’re swapping out another vehicle for it, the carriage still fits in with gameplay (and is that much less realistic).

The thin, almost skeleton like vehicle will truly set you apart from all the closed chassis modern automobiles currently in the game. This here is what “old timer” really means, and all the brass and fine wood finish just seeps with victorian elegance.


The Daimler comes in a regal, royal red version, a locomotive swamp green version, and an unpainted light-wood grained version. Each of the three replace a vehicle already present in the game, namely the Bisons and the Injection. The in-game model of the Daimler has been made with extreme attention to detail, resulting in an absolutely beautiful car. Seriously, the quality of this model outdoes anything already in GTA V (i.e. event those made by Rockstar’s modelers).


The real-world vehicle on which this is based upon was the work of two German engineers who tried to jump start their own automobile business, only to be undermined by disease, faithless investors, and some bloke called “Benz” who may have had a teeny bit of influence on the automobile industry.

Any connoisseurs of ancient vehicles glad to see this legend in GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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