GTA V Gets Watch_Dogs Law Enforcement

It seems more and more content from Watch_Dogs is making its way to GTA V thanks to the handiwork of various modders. Soon, the entire game may be remade within GTA V!


We’ve recently reportedtwice – on a rather ambitious mod which seeks to bring over a number of features from Ubisoft’s controversial yet successful open-world hacking vigilante epic and potential GTA rival, Watch_Dogs.

The main gameplay gimmick in the game is the various kinds of hacks one could perform using their cellphone, which was achieved by tapping into ctOS, the computer system controlling the social services and networks found in Chicago.


While the Watch_Dogs mod brings over the hacking feature, you’ll still be facing off against regular police. The Blume Law Enforcement skin pack changes the cops of GTA V, so that they fly the colors of the massive corporation which operates ctOS in the Watch_Dogs universe.

Blume is a massive fictional technology firm which is desperately attempting to avoid breaches of their prized system, and every location of import in the game has their logo plastered all over it. While players don’t actually encounter Blume vehicles or law enforcement personnel other than the police themselves, the new skins give the game an even more Watch_Dogs-y vibe.

Well known modder JulioNIB, responsible for legendary mods like the Hulkbuster, is working on his own Watch_Dogs inspired GTA V mod, which will allegedly be compatible with both this Blume Law Enforcement skin pack and the recently updated HackMod.


This particular mod adds a nice variety to the police vehicles that you’ll have chasing after you, and they’ll look pretty sharp in their shiny 4K textures. This mod alone will probably have more effort put into its visuals than the actual game did, according to some.

Do we have any Watch_Dogs fans among our readers?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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