GTA V Gets Some Mod Expansion

Hold on guys – this is a big one.


Typically, the mods we encounter for GTA V are quite specific. A jetpack here, a re-creation of the Iron Man armor here. They’re all pretty straight forward.

Some may focus on porting GTA Online exclusive content over to single player. Some may focus on brutal gang warfare. Of course, there are the somewhat broader ones which change a whole lot of stuff, like staging a hostile chimpanzee takeover, or the conversion of the game into an RPG. Even the massive total conversion mods such as LSPDFR have a clear focus.


This mod however, is all over the place, giving players a not-at-all-needed but sufficiently entertaining injection of all sorts of new content. If it is some sort of GTA V content – you name it, literally – this mod has it. Seriously.

Featuring new missions, maps, random events, mini-games, safehouses, treasure hunts, hidden easter eggs, and more!

The mod called the Omega Jampack is still very much in its beta phase, because, you know, it doesn’t have all that content. However, what it does have is a whole lot of potential. Currently, the mod has implemented four of the mini games, with two more on the way, alongside the six planned larger missions. The mod makes use of ScriptHookV, the RAGE plugin, as well as two other mods we have covered before, the map editor and the mission creator. Hopefully the rest of the content planned for the mod will be delivered promptly, and that it will live up to expectations.


The current mini-games available in the mod are “chase”, “run”, “takedown” and the peculiarly named “pull the plug”. While the first three are quite self explanatory, the fourth might raise some eyebrows.

Any of you guys suffering from a overflow of content in GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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