GTA V Gets Classic GTA Powerups

Players just love digging up the past, don’t they? With the popularity of the recent GTA 2 Kill Frenzy mod, the community has once again shown that they want to see old features brought back to life in GTA 5.

These retro feature mods have gotten quite a bit of attention, as the force of nostalgia is a strong one, and fans of older titles are excited to see that the game modes, weapons, or pickups of their old favorites are still getting some of the spotlight. Considering how much of the indie gaming industry is centered around spiritual sequels (i.e. the same game except made so that it does not infringe on any copyrights, plus a shiny new coat of paint), and how most of those type games are extremely popular, this should come as no surprise.


Way back when GTA games were still top down, arcade-y pixellated affairs, the gameplay mechanics were still far removed from any kind of realism. This trend followed the series through the 3D era as well, however was dropped with the arrival of the HD era. Back in the polygonal golden age, GTA games had a feature called “power-ups”. These are colorful icons floating above ground and spinning, which, when walked or driven over grant you, the player, with a unique bonus.


The nature of these power-up has changed over the course of the years, however with this mod, you can bring the classic GTA power-ups to GTA V. The mod adds the Damage Boost, Speed Boost and Invulnerability power-ups, the names of which are quite self explanatory. You also get the Police Bribe which removes a wanted star and the Adrenaline power-up, which slows time around you to allow for better aim. There are a total of 100 power-ups scattered across the map, so make sure you memorize all of their locations!

Do you guys have any fond memories of old GTA games?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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