GTA V Fans Annoyed With Rumors, Lack Of Communication

Yesterday we reported on a new alleged information leak indicating that Rockstar will soon be announcing and releasing much-rumored GTA V DLC paired with the upcoming 1.29 update, which also contains the console versions of the Rockstar Editor. Initially it was believed the update would be released before the summer ends, however recently that was pushed to the beginning of September. Considering that it is already the 9th, it is safe to assume that it has been delayed once more. Like so many times already, new rumors have already begun popping up all over regarding the possible release date and new features.


Well known GTA V tipster Funmw2 is usually in the middle of anything related to GTA V rumors, and this case is no different. However, some members of the GTA V community have gone and had their jimmies rustled by all this speculation and hearsay making the rounds, and have expressed their displeasure on the appropriate outlet: forums.

People have started taking note of a few personal attacks against the tipsters and anyone defending the tipsters later. Considering that the upcoming 1.29 update is the one with the most discussion and conjecture surrounding it, surpassing all previous DLCs and even the infamous unannounced GTA VI, one would assume that Rockstar would have made a peep by now. We’re not expecting anything concrete… nothing that would spoil the reveal proper, but a tiny shred to toss to the masses in order to keep them quiet.

Could it be that maybe Rockstar doesn’t want them quiet? All this is free publicity after all. With a game that was released as long ago as GTA V, the best bet to drive sales up again is with substantial DLC packs, making 1.29’s popularity of paramount importance.

Are you particularly annoyed at the delay and lack of any communication, or are you happy to let Rockstar do its thing and deliver when ready?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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