GTA V Explores The Distant Stars

Just when we mentioned that Rockstar Editor recreations were a scarcity nowadays – yet another fantastic remake of the trailer of a popular film has been created using the video editing software made specially for GTA V.

With 1.29 launching the Rockstar Editor on current-gen consoles alongside the Freemode Events DLC for GTA Online, one would assume that the number of such newsworthy creations would drastically increase. However, up until the extremely creepy Teletubbies remake we wrote about yesterday, the only video to be worth mentioning since the release of 1.29 was that one about the chickens.


However, it seems that suddenly the community came to its senses following our article yesterday, and the Rockstar Editor business is booming once more. This time around, we bring to you the GTA V incarnation of the teaser of a popular Sci-Fi epic which has divided viewers and critics alike. Interstellar, in the opinions of some, was less than stellar due to its ending, however most people agree that the stuff leading up to it was solid, and the film undoubtedly had the most accurate representation of what a wormhole would be like in reality to date in fiction.

Christopher Nolan’s tale of the astronauts seeking a new home for humanity combines a whole lot of science with some solid fiction and implements some serious emotional elements via time dilation. This results in the humans back home growing old and dying off while mere hours pass for the explorers.

The recreation, as is with any worthy of being written about, is a perfect scene-for-scene match of the original teaser. The retrospective shots have plenty of NPC stand-ins to fill in for the crowds, and Michael’s face fits that of Matthew McConaughey perfectly in the car driving scene.

How did you guys like Interstellar? Did the ending ruin it for you?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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