GTA V Explodes In Neon With This Mod

Have you ever felt that maybe GTA V needed to be more like a retro, low-budget sci-fi? Or do you feel that maybe GTA  V needed to be a lot more like a retro, low-budget sci-fi? Well, modder kim gura certainly has.

When speaking of visual mods for GTA V, people usually think of massive, elaborate graphical overhauls which turn the game into a photo-realistic tech demo with horrible performance. When speaking of weapons mods, on the other hand, people will most likely think of CS:GO weapon camos brought over to GTA V.


However, this here is more akin to the particle gun we wrote about some time ago. If you’ve since grown tired of the spectacular light shows that magnificent device was capable of producing, we’ve got something else for you to satisfy the need for flashy lights,

The Laser Rocket mod is much, much more than what its name would suggest. Sure, there are laser rockets involved, but that is hardly the only thing that has laser in it.


Basically, this mod turns all projectiles into elongated bright neon streaks of laser, and turns all explosions into a flurry of vivid laser colors. Missiles shot from helicopters are one color, rockets shot from an RPG are another. The explosions of said rockets are a third and fourth color, and the shots from the railgun are a fifth. We could go on, but pictures say more than words, and trying the thing out will speak a hell of a lot more than pictures.


For maximum enjoyment, combine this mod with any number of Star Wars mods out there. Now, not only will you be flying in awesome starships, but they will be firing actual lasers instead of meager bullets too!

What is your favorite visual mod for GTA V that isn’t a graphics overhaul?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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