GTA V Dissertation – Help With A Survey

A GTA V player has called upon the help of the community to assist in his dissertation (a really long essay required to get a Doctorate degree). Redditor and GTA fan DandalfDaWhite is a third year student at Bournemouth University in the UK and studying Digital Media Design means that to him, video games are a heck of a lot more than just a past-time.


With Digital Media courses becoming wide spread, and dedicated video game design bachelor’s courses popping up all around the world, the aspiration of becoming a game developer is a lot more attainable than it was back in the day – at least seemingly. Game development always seemed like that dream beyond one’s grasp, with only few extremely lucky and talented people getting there. However, ever since games have been a thing, it was absolutely viable and possible to just sit down and make your own.


The dissertation in question deals with the topic of player freedom in open world games, one of GTA V’s strong points. GTA V has been a source of inspiration in the AAA game industry due to its mastery of player freedom. The recently released blockbuster, Fallout 4, which also pushed GTA V from the Steam leaderboards’ first place, is a perfect example of the kind of far reaching influence GTA V has had on the industry.


As some of you may know, one’s dissertation is kind of a big thing. Collecting information and data from certain communities is a major aspect of preparing this work, as it provides the author with the most raw numbers he or she can crunch and process. All answers in this survey are anonymous, and it won’t take up much of your time. The questions are less about your own gaming habits (though this comes up too) and more about your opinions on how GTA handles player freedom. You will need to type up a few sentences, however you will be helping out a fellow GTA player, so what’s holding you back?

Have any of you guys ever used GTA V as the subject of an essay?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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