GTA V Meets… Concussions? (Mod)

it’s quite obvious that GTA V was aiming for an as realistic approach to pretty much everything save for story. Game mechanics, visuals and sound design all serve the purpose of making the game more immersive, more realistic. Rockstar has done a great job of achieving a great measure of realism, however as always, there is room for improvement.


Several mods out there are geared towards making GTA V more realistic – even if that means sacrificing some of the fun factor. Whether these mods focus on visuals and graphics or game mechanics, their use can greatly improve the sense of immersion you get while playing the game. These mods do a lot to narrow the gap between the virtual world and the real one, though it isn’t quite on the same level as Virtual Reality would be.

Sob, despite being a relatively new name in the GTA V modding sphere, has already built up a reputation with a host of well coded and polished mods which add to both the game’s difficulty and realism. He’s put together mods which affect various factors such as the weather, NPC behavior and more.

His most recent mod deals with the question of injuries and their effects on the character in question. By default, GTA V has the standard health-bar system, meaning no matter how many bullets your character takes, as long as the little line is green, they will act and perform as if they were at full health. If it runs out however, it’s the end of the line.

Now, in reality an uninjured human and a human who has taken a dozen body-shots will not exactly behave in the same way. While the former will happily continue fighting, the latter will be experiencing some… distractions.

S oB’s Realistic Concussions, Injury and Fatigue mod adds a new layer of complexity and function to the health system. Players will now suffer the debilitating effects of bleeding out when shot, enduring a concussion when in a traffic accident and getting tired from fatigue if they exert themselves physically.

Not only does this add a new layer of realism, but of gameplay complexity and thus difficulty. You’ll need to strategize according to your state of health. Taking damage will be much more dangerous with this mod, as you can’t keep on fighting at 1% HP like you did at 100%.

Would you guys want a dynamic health system to be implemented in the next GTA game?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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