GTA V Community Suggestion: Give Us Item Previews!

We’re really hoping that Rockstar is reading the GTA V Reddit threads, because the players have posted a number of features that they would like to see in the game, or, as is the case with this one, are actively pissed about not being in the game already. Honestly, with this particular suggestion, we’re kinda seeing where the players are coming from, and Rockstar really should be heeding this recommendation.


Picture this. You roll down on over to the nearest Los Santos Customs store with your tricked out ride that you’ve spent quite some time and money customizing. But something feels off. You can’t quite put your finger on what, but it is nagging you and you’ve saved up a bit of cash in order to set things straight.

You go in to LSC, and are greeted by the various things you can purchase. Your senses are assaulted by the sheer number of things you can buy and change and customize, with nothing but their names to go on. How do you know what it is your ride needs to become perfect, without trying them on? How do you know which of those two paint-jobs works best? How do you know which visual modifications to get? How do you know which component it is that needs to be changed without seeing the result?


You go ahead and buy those things which seemed best based on their names, and tried them on to your car – they don’t fit, they’re not the right things for you, but the money is already spent.

This is what GTA V fans on Reddit want to avoid. Their suggestion? Simply add a preview feature to GTA V. Most car games have this, hell, even the Midnight Club games had this, and GTA V’s driving mechanics were practically copied from those games.

Would you guys appreciate a preview function in GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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