GTA V’s Most Badass Weapon Mod Arrives

GTA is a game centered around cars and crime. While the modding community (and GTA 5 Cheats by extension) covers the topic of cars and other vehicles with much fervor, the question of weapons isn’t entirely disregarded either. We’ve featured a number of various weapon mods for GTA V before, most of them dallying on the wacky side of things.


Today, however, we bring to you a serious – and seriously awesome – weapon mod. GTA V’s strife to achieve maximum realism can be seen in the realm of weapons and fighting as well, not just visuals. While GTA V’s gunplay isn’t exactly it’s most praised feature, it is still solid and as realistic as can be without impacting the game in a negative way while keeping development time constraints into account.

However, as we’ve often said before, there is always room for improvement. One of the biggest hurdles games haven’t quite managed to overcome when it comes to gunplay is the simple fact that any given gun can be shot in more ways than one. When you pick up a gun in real life, it won’t be locked in place to your hip, never moving and always pointing in the same way. Aiming down sights was a big step forward in this regard – you could now shoot a gun in a whopping two ways.


While there are some games which add more control, they are few and far between, not to mention not particularly well executed. This particular overhaul from GTA V modding legend ZiPPO RAID seeks to add another layer of depth to the gameplay of one particular gun in the game.

Raider’s Raw Revolver Edit: Lowriders 2 Hotfix (Trigger-Fanning, Hip-Shots, Trick-Shots & More) is not only the mod with the longest name that we have featured on this website, but it is also the single most detailed and functional weapons mod for GTA V available today. The new custom revolver model is extremely detailed – so much so that the serial number has been scratched off, a detail pretty much undetectable in-game. 

Gameplay wise, the mod allows for different firing styles beyond simply spraying from the hip or jamming the gun into your face to aim down sights. The speed, spread and spray of your shot can be controlled, allowing you to pick whichever is best suited for the given situation.


What other GTA V weapons would you like to see overhauled in a similar manner?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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