GTA V And Other Rockstar Games On Sale At Humble Store

Just in case you haven’t have had enough of GTA and Rockstar sales in the past month, the Humble Store is holding a sale on all games developed by Rockstar available through the digital distribution platform.


The wave of sales was kicked off by Sony when they discounted all Rockstar games that were available on the Playstation Store to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary Playstation game console. Following this, Microsoft put GTA V and some other GTA games on sale through their Deals with Gold service, which allows gold and silver Xbox Live subscribers to purchase games through Xbox Live at a discount. Most recently, Rockstar’s games were discounted on PC by Green Man Gaming, and by Rockstar themselves on the IOS App Store and Google Play, ticking off all platforms. The GMG PC sale saw GTA V’s price hit an all time low, going for as cheap as $37 for the first time.


In an attempt to cater to the, like, six people out there who still haven’t bought GTA V (I mean, its been years since intial release, and these are some pretty solid sales. Chances are everyone who wanted GTA V got it by now, no?), the Humble Store, the non-bundle section of the popular Humble Bundle digital distribution service, has discounted their full library of Rockstar games, with GTA V leading the charge.

GTA V can be purchased at a 20% downmark, while buying it bundled with a shark cash card will allow you to save 30%. Other Rockstar games on offer are various GTA titles, L.A. Noire, the Max Payne games, Manhunt, and Bully, making this a pretty standard lineup. As with the bundle sales, buyers may select the amount of their purchase which goes towards a charity of their choice, meaning that you’ll be buying games for a good cause!

Anyone picking anything up? Some older GTA  games, maybe?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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