GTA V And Its Many Broken, Poorly Made Clones

In recent years mobile gaming has exploded into a massive industry. However with the limitations of mobile devices, developers have had to find new and inventive ways to provide players with entertainment. They either chose the way of simple yet captivating gameplay, or go by the route of attempting to emulate a true AAA experience. In many ways, mobile gaming has become the newest cradle of creativity and inspiration.


Mobile gaming has also become the cradle of shitty effortless knockoffs of popular games which add no value to the industry or society in any way, shape or form. It is become increasingly difficult to find the rarer and rarer diamonds in the mounds of crud flowing from the weathered anus of the mobile gaming “industry”, as the 945 billionth Candy Crush clone is released.

GTA V is a massively popular game. It is among, if not the, most commercially successful video game ever released. It has possibly the most brand recognition inside and outside the industry. It also has a pretty simple premise if we get down to it. Open world, car stealing, crime, shooting. A tried and true formula, with elegant execution.

GTA also holds the position of being one of the most cloned games on mobile devices. There are umpteen open-world crime games with a focus on driving and stealing vehicles up on the App and Google Play stores, so it should come as no surprise that about ninety percent of them are an unplayable mess, or are unholy abominations stitched together from assets stolen from other games.

Well, one GTA fan has decided to walk through the darkest valley, feeling no fear. Youtuber Jerma985 has tried out a few of the many GTA clones available, and while crime, violence and cars are a common theme, they are also invariably crap.

Have you guys encountered any actually passable GTA clones?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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