GTA Players Divided Over Running Back

Some GTA V fans aren’t giving thanks to Rockstar for the new Adversary Mode.

Rockstar recently released an all new Adversary Mode for GTA Online in order to celebrate the event of Thanksgiving. The Running Back mode is based on American football to commemorate the celebratory games traditionally held on that day. The mode features two teams, offense and defense. The goal of the offensive team is to get their runner, a Panto, across the score line. While, the defensive team needs to prevent this (obviously). The blockers, regardless of team, are driving BF Biftas.


These games are held on long, thin maps situated on bridges or in tunnels. In order to entice players even further to play this new mode, Rockstar has made Running Back part of the new Thanksgiving event, rewarding players with double RP and GTA $ along with all the other Adversary Mode.


However, based on a few Reddit reactions, the players are not particularly pleased. The push to liken the Adversary Mode to American football has taken focus off balancing issues, making Running Back a tad broken. In most cases, as the GTA V players describe, the Panto manages to zip past the blockers immediately, and the defensive team didn’t even have a chance to win.


Every game has been the Panto dodging the defenders at the first charge, and then that’s game.

Some players suggested the mode be somewhat altered, while still retaining the connection to football. Players suggest that an unmanned Panto be used as a “ball”, with the two teams being evenly matched (as opposed to the defense having one more), and each needing to push the Panto over the other’s score line while defending their own. If the thread garners enough publicity, chances are Rockstar may implement the change.

How are your feelings on the new GTA Online Mode, Running Back?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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