GTA Online’s Yacht Dissected

Fan speculation and anticipation for the upcoming Executives and Other Criminals DLC for GTA Online is hitting its peak, with the update’s launch, December 15th, rapidly approaching. Players have even analysed the trailer frame by frame to discover all the features Rockstar has yet to reveal, and began discussing their own theories about questions which have yet to be answered.


The poster boy of the upcoming update is undoubtedly the massive luxurious yacht, which was the first feature of the upcoming update to be leaked. Consequentially, it also happens to be the aspect of the DLC fans are most excited for, and the one laden with the most unanswered questions.


Players have ripped the Executives and Other Criminals trailer apart in order to clarify what kinds of new content they can expect, and they have managed to unveil a number of specifics regarding the new luxury yachts. What we already knew was that they will serve as high-end properties.


Based on the trailer, fans have managed to discern that the yachts will feature two helicopter landing pads, one in the rear and one at the front.


The trailer also shows the yacht in various different locations. Whether or not this means that the yacht is a driveable vehicle, or that we can simply set its location as a “customization option” is unknown. However factoring in that the yacht will be its own instance, like any other property, it being controllable in real time is unlikely.


Players have also discovered a small dock at the rear of the yachts, allowing for smaller water vehicles to be stored as if in a garage. They could be used for travel between the mainland and the yacht, or as a getaway vehicle in case the ship is attacked.

Finally, in the above frame, a second yacht can be seen in the background, proving that more than one yacht can be present in a given session. Which feature of GTA Online’s next DLC are you most anticipating? Is it the yacht?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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