GTA Online’s Warstock Rockstar Editor Contest Winner Announced

A music video swipes the grand prize

GTA Online’s latest major DLC, Import/Export, is still making its impact known to players. This final loose end has been wrapped up with the announcement of the winner of the Rockstar Editor contest associated with the update, as well as a number of runner-ups.

When Import/Export was released, Rockstar Games announced an Editor contest, much like they’ve recently done with other major updates. This isn’t just a retread of the Snapmatic contests since the prize on offer is a hell of a lot more valuable than a mere GTA$ 1 million (it’s funny saying “mere”, but one million doesn’t get you much these days).

This time, the first place wins a valuable prize pack composed of a rare varsity jacket, a director’s chair, a trophy and a director’s patch, all emblazoned with the winner’s Social Club handle. The runner ups also get a $100 Rockstar Warehouse voucher.

The greater prizes reflect the greater challenge of creating a fan video compared to a Snapmatic image. Mastering the art of filmmaking isn’t an easy affair, and while there are a whole lot of talented filmmakers in the GTA 5 community, this can be attributed to the fact that the community is massive.

The winner who came out on top of all the entrants ended up being Welwelkouill of the VYBZ KARTEL. The video sure didn’t win on account of its title, being simply called “IMPORT-EXPORT”, however the content more than makes up for it. An action-packed music video made to the tune “Fast Life” from the Welcome to Los Santos soundtrack.

The fan-favorite Rocket Voltic, the variant of the popular sports car with a jet engine strapped to its rear, is the star of the video. Of course, the remaining special vehicles also get more than enough screentime. The Ramp Buggy and Phantom Wedge are used as ingenious ways to transition between scenes, the Ruiner 2000 is a returning “character” and the remaining vehicles appear either in thrilling first-person sections or in an ensemble scene near the end of the video.

This winning entry wasn’t the only impressive video the community came up with, and while there could only be one winner, those other clips had to be commemorated as well. Welwelkouill is joined by two other runner-ups and another two honorable mentions. The runner-ups get the aforementioned $100 Rockstar Warehouse voucher, while the honorable mentions enjoy a bit of internet fame.

BloodLust180 fielded one of the runner-ups, who has been within inches of the grand prize before. One of his videos made it into the runner-ups back during the Ill-Gotten Gains Editor contest, so he’s no stranger to these competitions. Next time, mate! The other runner-up is another extremely creatively named video, called #WARSTOCK, by jKashh.

While we have yet to get a whiff of 2017’s first major DLC, you can bet on a new Rockstar Editor competition to be hosted when it’s released.

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