GTA Online’s Next Update Possibly Leaked

Before you get your hopes up, remember to take these leaks with a grain of salt – they’re usually a mixed bag. Even so, a few notorious GTA Online leakers and data-miners have earned their stripes over time by virtue of delivering mostly solid info.


It has been quite some time (relatively, at least) since the last major GTA Online DLC release. Executives and Other Criminals was the most recent big release last year. We’ve only seen minor thematic DLCs since, in the form of the Holiday Surprise and Be My Valentine DLCs, alongside a few Adversary Modes since.

With three months having passed by since Executives fans are eager for new content, as the tight release schedule has made them get used to seeing new DLCs often. While what may or may not be a troll performed by the voice actors is suggesting that the next big thing will be story oriented, Rockstar won’t be ignoring Online any time soon.

Of course, the GTA V community being what it is, the rumor mills weren’t still these recent months – they just didn’t produce anything tangible. However a verified data-miner has now put his name behind one of the more believable rumors.

Way back when Ill-Gotten Gains was the hottest update around, it was split into two parts and released separately. Based on that model, some players theorized that we might be getting a follow up to the Lowriders DLC.


This proposed “Lowriders 2” was inspired by a list of vehicles that was leaked several months ago. The list supposedly includes several vehicles which were slated to be added to GTA Online as DLC over time. With recent updates, these vehicles were being steadily ticked off.

However Executives and Other Criminals threw us a curve-ball by not adding any vehicle on the list to the game (it just added others). This has left us with several vehicles unaccounted for.

The data-miner, known online as Yan2295, has an – admittedly annoying – penchant for hiding his leaks behind unimaginative riddles. Fans have managed to crack his most recent messages pretty quickly.

The leaks suggest that new DLC will be adding additional vehicles to the list of cars serviced by Benny’s Original Motorworks, meaning more options will be open for the lovers of lowriders. It is also suggested that this update will be released next Tuesday, on the 15th of March.

All of this sounds nice, however we haven’t seen any proof related to anything mentioned. Moving away from the self-glorifying twitter-antics, a few images of in-game models loaded into the engine were also shown.

This here has actual substance. It seems that custom versions of the SlamVan and the Sabre GT are already present in the GTA Online game files, suggesting that they will be featured in an upcoming update along with some other rides as well.


Their new, custom paint-jobs are what suggest a connection to Lowriders as opposed to them being among the new vehicles of some unrelated GTA Online DLC. The Sabre particularly fits the bill, as one of the existing lowrider-exclusive paint jobs are very similar to the pattern shown on the leaked model.

If it weren’t for the in-game models, this leak would be filed under the same “fake” label as every other one, however a massive game-file leak like this was what spoiled Executives and Other Criminals way back when.

While the serving of this leak is somewhat cringe-worthy, the tangible proof is solid. If nothing else, we can be sure that the two rides shown here will be added to Online at one point or other.

Are you hoping for the next update to be an expansion of the Lowriders update for GTA Online, or rather something entirely new?


What do you think? Sound off below!

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