GTA Online’s Newest Wave Of Bonuses Arrives

The super-expensive yachts are somewhat less expensive

The latest round of discounts and bonuses in GTA Online have brought back some of the promotions from last week, while also re-introducing some deals we haven’t seen in a good long time. As odd it is for the turnover date for discount-waves and DLC releases having recently been desynchronized, this week’s double RP and cash promo links back to last week’s update anyway.

The latest Adversary Mode to be added to the game, Resurrection, had a double reward promotion running last week to give players further incentive to dive into the game mode. That promo is being resurrected (apologies) this week as well, giving players longer to take advantage of the additional RP and GTA$ being dished out at the end of each round.

However, to keep things fresh, Rockstar is also bringing something new into the fold of the double rewards promotion. The Stunt Race Series, a long-form 15 race playlist, will also be dealing out twice as much RP and cash through the 12th of April. This is a great opportunity for players who avoided them so far to get acquainted with the fantastic Stunt Races including Big Drop.

Where the current wave of bonuses shines, though, is the discounts. The illustrious yachts that were introduced with the Executives and Other Criminals update are made just a tad more accessible to the average player with a 25% discount on all three models available.

If you want to ride the waves but a yacht is outside your price range, Rockstar also slapped a 25% discount on the Nagasaki Dinghy. Select upgrade types, including suspensions and bulletproof tires are also marked down by the same amount, as are resprays and ammunition.

While we already know about the current Premium Race being Bumblebee through the 10th, Rockstar has now revealed that the next race afterward will be Tube Rider locked to the Ruiner 2000. The best racers of GTA Online will compete in the Special Vehicle Circuit track for the coveted GTA$ 100,000 reward for first place. Time Trials are also back in the mix, with “Route 68” running through the 10th, and “LSIA” taking over after through the 17th.

These bonuses and discounts come in the wake of the release of the Turismo Classic, the last of the three DLC cars that Rockstar recently announced. The Top-Down Adversary Mode was absent from the update, leading us to suspect that we’ll be getting it next week.

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