GTA Online’s New Yacht Modded Into Single Player

Well, that did not take long at all. This is hardly the first piece of GTA Online exclusive content to be ported over to GTA V single player by modders, but it was certainly the one with the shortest turnaround. Three days have passed since the release of the Executives and Other Criminals DLC for GTA Online, and it seems an event is not the only way to celebrate this weekend.


The more we find out about the yachts, the clearer it becomes that they really are the end-game item everyone is striving for. We think they are definitely worth all that cash considering all the features even the smallest of the three options comes with (not that buying it makes much sense. You’ve managed to amass 6 million, what’s 2 million more for the Aquarius?).


Well known GTA V modder Guadmaz has ported the yacht from the new update over to single player with full functionality in his latest file. This particular modder is well established in the GTA V modding community, and known for his high quality work.

All three of the new flashy yachts have been added to solo play, however players will need to have the new update installed (why wouldn’t they?) for this to work. Not only do the yachts have the same functionality as they do in Online, they have also been integrated with the Map Editor mod, to give mission-crafters the freedom to incorporate the new yacht props into their creations.


For something put together in less than three days, the mod is extremely tight and optimized, with just a single bug being present on properly installed versions – you can’t change the yacht’s paint job. But then again, who cares about that? You have a yacht!

Who among you prefers playing alone as opposed to jumping into GTA Online’s lobbies?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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