GTA Online’s New DLC Takes Content To The Next Level

Executives and Other Criminals will be the first DLC to truly make use of the new opportunities offered by the advanced framework laid by Freemode Events.

How will this affect the new content, and what does this mean for the future?


We’ve been discussing the upcoming update ever since it was announced, and with it releasing tomorrow, a number of questions will undoubtedly be answered. In the mean time, fans are still enthralled by the possibilities of the new content that Executives and Other Criminals has to offer.

The DLC will introduce a system where some players can rise to the top of the corporate hierarchy in their own organisation. How this will be achieved is unknown, but it will certainly be linked to level, some missions, and a whole lot of cash. This will introduce a divide in the community, with some players being bosses, and other being the potential bodyguards who can be hired.

This sort of tiered system is entirely new to GTA Online. Bosses and bodyguards will have access to different content, and they will have different roles in what content they share. Dividing the community in such a manner also forces Rockstar to enforce a balance with some sort of gameplay mechanic. Maybe achieving the position of an Executive will require the kind of skill and dedication only a small fraction of the playerbase possesses. Maybe there will be a limit on the number of bosses in a given session.


Another question is how organisations will work in relation to crews. Will they be a similar system, independent of crews? Will crews have the chance to “convert” into a company? What if the crew leader is not a boss, but there is a boss present in the crew? The new and complex system the upcoming DLC is introducing to GTA Online is a glimpse of the kind of nuance upcoming updates hold for the future of the game.

Are you guys looking forward to becoming Executives in GTA Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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