GTA Online’s Bonuses Offer Double Rewards On Newest Mode

Limited edition tee and discounts also on offer

GTA Online’s latest round of bonuses lasts through the 11th of September and turns the spotlight on the game’s newest Adversary Mode, Motor Wars, which was added recently in the Smuggler’s Run update. Beyond offering double rewards in the mode, there are also plenty of discounts to make use of whilst unlocking a limited edition in-game tee simply by logging in.

Each weekly event presents players with a special double reward promotion, where a specific kind of in-game activity rewards twice as much GTA$ and RP. This time around it’s Motor Wars, a battle royale style mode that has been often likened to the hyper popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Motor Wars features seven maps, each a section of Los Santos and Blaine county, which act as an arena into which players parachute with only the starting pistol. Weapon pickups are scattered around the map, which shrinks with each passing minute. Players only have a single objective – be the last man standing.

Simply logging into GTA Online while the event lasts will see you rewarded with a little something from Rockstar. Having recently revived the trend of limited edition in-game clothing items being awarded during events, players will get a unique Shrewsbury t-shirt for their character to wear so long as they come and play sometime before the 12th.

A whole bevy of vehicles and other products have been discounted, though we suspect that in the wake of the Smuggler’s Run DLC, not many players have money to spare. If you do, and are looking for a great deal, there are many to pick from this week.

After spending ample time in the air running smuggling operations, it might feel good to get a few solid wheels on the ground. The Pegassi Reaper, the Progen Itali GTB, the Imponte Nightshade, both versions of the Invetero Coquette Classic and the Bravado Half-Track are all 25% off.

Additionally, a 25% discount has been applied to all standard ammunition and body armor to ensure you are well equipped to meet any resistance during smuggling ops, while vehicle armor – applicable to aircraft – will keep your cargo safe in transit. Bullet-proof tires have also been discounted by the same amount.

Premium races are on-going in Los Santos, with the latest track being Criss Cross, locked to the Ruiner 2000 car. Route 68 will be the Time Trial for this rotation.

Fans have discovered by a large amount of content from Smuggler’s Run will only be added to the game proper with minor DLC updates released in the following weeks. It seems Rockstar is keen on making us wait some more for the Hunter helicopter and the purchasable Lazer jet. Let’s see what next week brings in that regard.

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