GTA Online Gets Youga Classic

New Adversary Mode – Kill Quota – Also Added

Right on schedule, GTA Online got its most recent DLC yesterday, possibly topping off the Bikers series of updates. If a recent pattern is to be believed, next week will be a short pause in terms of content, with the week after seeing a new major update. To keep things interesting in the meantime, Rockstar added a new vehicle and Adversary Mode to the game.


Though not a bike, the all new Bravado Youga Classic utility van definitely fits the overall theme of this DLC season. Like the description alludes, you never quite know what goes on in the rear of this van unless you take a look inside – and there’s always a chance that’s the last peek you’ll ever make. Since some of the businesses in Bikers have players cook up drugs, this is more than fitting.

Visually similar to the modern Youga – obviously – the Classic offers a much more retro look in terms of exterior design, but not much has been done with the interior. The vehicles also packs more customization options than it’s counterpart, including 14 livery options. A large section of the community has a thing for a rusty aesthetic on some of their vehicles, and the Youga Classic caters to them with three of those livery options being rusty variety.

Ah, the late 60s, when utility was cool and this thing was affordable. You could never tell if the back contained a hemp-covered den of equality and recreational drug use or a mobile torture chamber for the village psycho. Or both. And that’s a tradition we’re proud to maintain.

In order to ride the reference-wave, so to say, two of the Classic’s liveries invoke popular old-time IPs. One makes the van look like the iconic vehicle seen in the A-Team show, while another makes it look like the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo. Incidentally, both franchises have seen modern remakes, just like the vehicle itself.


The Youga Classic can be bought from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for the relatively low price of $200,000, making it one of GTA Online’s more modestly priced models. A bug causes the manufacturer of the vehicle to show up as Vapid on the store page, however, the logo on the vehicle itself proves that no change in manufacturer occurred.

A new Adversary Mode has also been added to the game, though it will have a hard time making a splash after the magnificent Deadline update hit recently. After all, it’s tough to compete with literal freaking light cycle battles from Tron, especially considering that they pay well and unlock the slickest bike in GTA Online.


The new addition, Kill Quota, is another variation of the “kill other players” motif so often used in GTA. And here we thought Adversary Modes were Rockstar’s platform to vent their bottled up creative potential… In all seriousness, Kill Quota does manage to put another twist on the typical formula of team-based deathmatches.

The mode supports up to four players, all of which come with a special loadout. These loadouts start off with some heavy weapons that pack a hell of a punch, and work their way down to smaller and smaller guns until they reach a final phase of melee weapons. Basically, as players rack up kills for their team, they reach certain ‘quotas’ when their weapons are downgraded for added challenge. First team to clear the melee quota wins.


In spite of being in the shadow of Deadline, the premise of this new GTA Online competitive mode is neat, and it comes with a whopping 7 maps (a lot for an Adversary Mode on launch). If the mode’s description doesn’t have you hooked, the fact that there’s a double RP and cash promo on through the 28th probably will.

America’s favourite holiday that is rooted in religious tradition but has become famous for being elbow deep in a dead turkey’s ass in the kitchen while stressing on who to invite to dinner is also around the corner. Naturally, Rockstar Games is taking the chance – not that they ever need an excuse – to run some neat discounts in GTA Online.

Alongside the double RP and cash promo going on for Kill Quota, on Thanksgiving day Inch by Inch, Running Back and Every Bullet Counts will also provide double the rewards. You know, if you have no friends of family to be thankful with on the 24th, you might as well virtually murder people in the same situation!


Since the aforementioned holiday brings with it another which is known for spawning news reports of ravenous slaves of the great capitalist economic machine literally trampling their fellow humans to death just for some discounts, many items in GTA Online are discounted with Black Friday in mind.

The Buckingham SuperVolito, the SuperVolito Carbon, Rims, Turbo, Liveries, Resprays, Engine Mods, Biker Clothing (not including Deadline Outfits), Tattoos, the Compact Rifle, the Carbine Rifle, and the Assault Rifle are all 25% off through the 28th of November.


Surprising absolutely no one, a new Premium Race has also been selected. GTA Online’s best racers take to the skies in High Flyer as they compete for the top three positions. Only the first three finishers get a money reward, however all players benefit from a neat triple RP bonus. The race is locked to bikes as a sendoff for the current DLC season, as well as non-contact.

Have you grabbed the all new Youga Classic, or are you giving this GTA Online vehicle a pass?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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