GTA Online Valentine’s Event Kicked Off, No New DLC This Year

Two new maps for Till Death Do Us Part is the only new content

This year Rockstar Games isn’t taking things to heart on Valentine’s Day. Instead of a full-on DLC update, this time around GTA Online players can enjoy last year’s content with their beloved with the whopping addition of two new maps to the Adversary Mode dedicated to this holiday.

In an attempt to woo players after displaying what amounts to a store-bought card from the discount bin, Rockstar also threw a handful of discounts into the mix, as well as a number of double RP and Cash promotions to make the day feel special for those of you who spend it playing GTA Online.

Last year’s Be My Valentine DLC added a whole lot of new clothing, a new variant of the Albany Roosevelt called the Valor, a new gun called the Gusenberg Sweeper and the Adversary Mode Till Death Do Us Part. The current event involves many of these items and game modes and lasts through the 27th of February.

The two new maps added to Till Death Do Us Part are set in Legion Square and La Puerta. The new maps will certainly spice things up for players coming back to the Adversary Mode to take advantage of the double RP and Cash promotion active for it, as well as other modes perfect for teams of two including Hasta La Vista, Relay and Offense Defense.

Of course, players are bound to forget all about those Adversary Modes, double Cash or no, when they hear about the extra 25% profit on Bikers Businesses and Special Cargo sell missions. Two of the most profitable ventures in GTA Online are going to pay more until the event lasts.

While your CEO assistant won’t replace a valentine, they’ll provide all of their services at a 50% discount. All clothing items added in last year’s Be My Valentine update are discounted by 25%, as are both variants of the Roosevelt and the Sweeper.

Some items not related to any Valentine’s day updates are also on discount. All Import/Export tattoos, Benny’s Original Motorworks upgrades and the Ocelot Penetrator have had all of their prices cut by that same 25%.

Those premium races are still coming strong, with a schedule for two drawn up in advance. Duel locked to the muscle class will run through the 20th, while Over and Under locked to bikes will take over through the 27th.

The new trend of introducing special Time Trials during events is also continued, with another two of those also designated. Sawmill is on duty through the 19th with Cypress Flats coming up right after through the 26th. Playing these time trials will earn you extra RP and, more importantly, cash.

While this lack of a Valentine’s Day DLC might further fuel the fears that GTA Online is taking the backseat in 2017 and slowing down new content releases before ceasing them entirely, luckily Rockstar cleared things up some time ago confirming that the game will be receiving further DLC. Chances are Rockstar North, the studio dedicated to GTA, is busy cooking something up right now which is why all we got were two new maps.

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