GTA Online Valentine’s DLC Items Disappear And Reappear

When Rockstar recently released the special GTA Online DLC content commemorating the event of Valentine’s Day, they made a key change in how they handled thematic updates. Until now, whenever some real-world holiday like Halloween or Independence Day got its own DLC, the content would disappear after a few days, only becoming available again a year later. Players who bought the items would still have access, however special outfits and vehicles would no longer be available for purchase.


When Rockstar announced and released the Be My Valentine GTA Online DLC, they didn’t state when the items would disappear from stores. When asked by players to clarify, Rockstar Support personnel stated that the items will remain in-game indefinitely.

Most players immediately assumed that meant “forever” and news of this spread across the community. Then the items disappeared.


Yesterday, several GTA V related discussion forums were flooded by players reporting the Valentine’s Day items having disappeared from the game. Amid the confusion, several commenters pointed out that “indefinitely” means “for an undefined amount”, not “forever”. It was possible that Rockstar didn’t plan on keeping the items available forever, but hadn’t (when stating “indefinitely”) decided when to pull them from the stores.

However, it now seems that the Be My Valentine items will be available for purchase in GTA Online throughout the year. While the items may have gone missing for a day or so, multiple players are now reporting and confirming that the Roosevelt, Roosevelt Valor and the special outfits can be purchased from stores once again.


This one-day hiatus may have something to do with Rockstar moving the items from temporary DLC status over to the permanent stock of the game. Or it may have been a bug for all we know. The important thing is that the items are back and here to stay.

Were there any Valentine’s Day items in GTA Online that you wanted to buy, but didn’t seeing as they’re not timed?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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