GTA Online: The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special


If you (and perhaps your significant other) want to spend Valentine’s Day shooting people in GTA Online, you’re in luck. Rockstar has a new update coming on February 14th, with holiday-themed content for both single-player and online.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special includes a new weapon called the Gusenberg Sweeper. This machine gun will automatically be added to each character’s Story Mode inventory, and you can get it in GTA Online at Ammu-Nation.

It also adds a new vehicle to the game. The Albany Roosevelt is an armored limousine inspired by 1920s vehicles. In Story Mode, you can find it in any garage, while in GTA Online, you’ll need to visit the in-game website

You will be able to get double breasted suits, 1920s flapper dresses, sexy undergarments, masquerade masks, T-shirts, hats, a Flapper Bob hairstyle for female characters, and more.

10 new jobs will join the mix, as well, such as Deathmatches, a Parachute Jump, and new Races.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre items won’t be available forever, but once you get them, they are yours to keep. So, when Friday rolls around, fire up GTA Online, grab your guns, and pay tribute to 1920s mobsters.

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