GTA Online Updated, Gets New Car

Earlier today, players once again made note of new content having been added to GTA Online sans official announcement via the Rockstar Newswire. This latter issue has since been rectified and the developers have introduced the new mini-update swiftly after the fact.


Not only is the next one of the three previously leaked cars now available for purchase in GTA Online, but the devs have also outlines what they have in store for players wishing to celebrate Independence Day within the virtual world of Online.

This is possibly the first time two consecutive GTA Online events have been announced simultaneously, with both Street Racing week and Independence Weekend having been revealed in the same post detailing the new content.


However, we all know the main attraction here is the new car – it’s what you all want to read about, right? Well, let us introduce the all new Psfister 811, GTA Online’s first electric supercar. The ride obviously took heavy inspiration from Porsche and has a snarky description about manufacturing producing enough pollution to offset the hybrid drive to match.

This is the first Pfister supercar in the GTA 5 roster and has a pretty damn sleek design. The car is a whole lot cheaper than last week’s Grotti X80 Proto, which is now the most expensive car in-game. The 811 costs $1,135,000 via Legendary Motorsport, plus there are plenty of upgrade options to boot.


Interestingly enough, while the Proto was “spoiled” and accessed by players ahead of schedule, the 811 was kept under wraps for a good while. There isn’t any news on its performance yet, as most players are only just giving it a first try, but don’t expect it to outperform the Proto with a price tag like that.

As for the other content, Rockstar has some sweet deals and  playlists set up for players looking to climb ranks and get rich quicker than usual. Independence Day is also going to be commemorated in-game this year, just like in the past three.

GTA V Independence Day

Starting today, through Thursday, the 30th, a special Street Race event playlist will be paying out twice as much GTA $ and RP than usual, featuring three maps. Put the all new 811 through its paces on “Senora Freeway”, “Arms Race” and “Business Trip” – you’ll make back the cash spent on the car if you’re skilled and dedicated.

If you’re tired of playing nice out in the streets and would rather beat your opponents with lead than with speed, Rockstar has you covered. Two favored weaponized vehicles – the Karin Technical and Turreted Limo are both 40% off while the event lasts.


Othe discounts include a 40% price slice on all masks from Vespucci Movie Masks, allowing you to pimp out your heist outfit with a sweet mask on the cheap, while the half-off promo for Bull Shark Testosterone will keep you buffed while still falling inside your budget.

However, the fun doesn’t end on Thursday, oh no. Starting on the first of July, this Friday, the Independence Day celebrations kick off in GTA Online. Independence Weekend will see the return of many fan favorite event items as well as other discounts.

GTA V Independence Day screenshot

The Independence Day Special DLC was released two years ago and introduced some sweet temporarily available items to GTA Online that ostensibly screamed “America, F*ck Yeah!” in every possible way.

This included the Liberator monster truck painted patriotic red, white and blue; the Sovereign bike with a similar color scheme; a fireworks launcher with thematic ammo and finally some real ‘Merican apparel for your characters.


These items aren’t typically available for purchase, only during the events commemorating the event. As such, many players who missed out on them last time around or have joined since will welcome them returning to stores in GTA Online – better yet, they all come with a nifty 25% discount.

Independence Day is also honored with a sweet little playlist through Monday the 4th, giving players further chances to rake in twice as much cash and RP. The playlist consists of three jobs, two of which lock the vehicles down to the Liberator and the Sovereign to make the theme obvious. Note that the fireworks launcher doesn’t actually work as a weapon, so don’t try killing enemies with it in the team deathmatch map!

Which part of these GTA Online events appeal to you the most?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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