GTA Online: Unannounced Bonuses And Discounts Added

An update is likely to follow

While Rockstar Games is known for being pretty tight-lipped when it comes to revealing pretty much anything in advance, it’s also known for being a creature of habit. Some things happen like clockwork, especially when it comes to GTA Online’s schedules.

One such thing is DLC being released on Tuesdays. It being Monday and the end date of a round of discounts was already indication enough that Rockstar may release another minor vehicle DLC tomorrow. However, a new set of previously – and still – unannounced discounts and bonuses further suggest that this is indeed the case.

A number of new discounts and new loading screens have been reported to show various promotions that are presumably part of the upcoming event, however have been activated in advance. While it isn’t the most impressive lineup of discounts, the items on sale are some of the more expensive ones, meaning you’ll be saving a lot of cash if you buy now.

On offer are Executive Offices, which normally start at one million, for 50% off, while all office interiors are discounted by 25% in case you want your HQ to be stylish on a budget. Being geared towards CEOs, this set of discounts also gives you some much needed firepower in the shape of the HVY Insurgent at 50% of its regular price.

The star of the show, however, is undoubtedly the 50% discount slapped on all yachts. Seeing as they range from 6 to 8 million, this will save players mountains of cash that can otherwise be spent on other goods. While suddenly 4 million for the most expensive yacht might seem enticing, we suggest buying the mid-range Pisces instead.

In spite of being cheaper, the Pisces has been proven to be the better yacht overall. Seeing as it comes with a regular Swift instead of the Deluxe version, it’s actually customizable, and the layout allows for more of the exterior to be climbed, which is a major advantage in Piracy Prevention.

Will you be taking advantage of these GTA Online discounts?

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