GTA Online Tips Against Jets

It’s likely that all of you have encountered griefers in GTA Online at some point. These are a breed of players who don’t do anything in the game except killing other players just for the laughs. Typically they latch on to one player and kill them again and again to piss them off. While a legal griefer is not quite as bad as hackers and modders, the two groups often overlap.


Besides mods and underhanded tactics, the preferred tool of griefers are jets. Heavily armed, fast and with access to any area on the map, they leave victims with few to no places to hide. They’ll track you, they’ll stalk you and kill you over and over.

If you happen to be beset by one such individual who also happens to not be using any kind of mod to prevent their character from dying, there are a few techniques to get rid of them.


If you want to take revenge, you might instinctively go for the homing launcher. However the weapon is extremely slow and a heavy sniper or RPG would be more effective.

The best method against people like this is to deny them their “fun” instead of joining their little game. Get into a Progen T20 or another equally expensive ride, switch over to passive mode and wait for the griefer to come around. If they blow you up, they’ll be hit with bad sport points and they’ll have to pay for the destroyed vehicle. After they struck themselves with fines a few times, they’ll give up in frustration.


Skilled pilots may choose to beat the bastards at their own game. Hop in a jet of your own and shoot the griefer out of the sky in an epic dogfight of vengeance.

What methods do you prefer when dealing with griefers using jets in GTA Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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