GTA Online Sunday Drivers Week Announced

Just yesterday, after mentioning in our City of the Week post that seeing as Rockstar didn’t rush to announce the next GTA Online event week, we might expect some kind of bigger reveal this weekend, we ended up getting the press release email about – you guessed it! – the new event week. Oops.


Either way, Rockstar is pushing forwards its endless stream of special events which seek to keep the ever insatiable GTA community busy with content already in the game while the developers themselves crunch in order to put out the next groundbreaking content update. It will be tough topping Cunning Stunts, which is lauded by many as the best DLC since Heists.

While the team is not quite ready for a big announcement just yet, you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for some news appearing early next week. In the meantime, Rockstar has you set up with plenty of discounts and bonuses in GTA Online.


The latest event called Sunday Drivers week curiously neither begins nor ends on a Sunday, nor are their any game-mechanics related to it being Sunday in-game or in real life. It’s probably a slang thing. Why do we say that? Well, this event is just a cleverly disguised “Lowriders week”, which would fit the bill of the events we’ve seen in the past few weeks, which all drew upon an older DLC for inspiration.

Lowriders Sunday Drivers Week opts for a playlist to take care of the obligatory double RP and GTA $ promo. Flex those guns and hit the gym (okay, that was terrible), as all of these races have you driving around in cars of the muscle class. A three-race playlist takes players through Ring of Fire, Stock Market Crash and Up the Back Alley back-to-back in order to earn twice as much cash and renown.


If you’ve been saving up cash with no concrete goal, simply waiting for a great deal, we guess the time has come. Lowriders, some of the most expensive vehicles in GTA Online provided you want to upgrade them fully are being heavily discounted. Benny’s is slashing the prices of its stock-to-lowrider base upgrades and hydraulic mods by 50%, which is definitely a deal for the ages, while cutting the price of literally everything else they offer by 25%. Getting a flashy lowrider could break the bank of the average player in the past, but while this promo lasts, the cars are much more affordable.

Rockstar has brought back the tradition of giving players an exclusive piece of clothing which is unlocked simply by logging in to GTA Online during certain events. This time around the apparel on offer is the Bahama Mamas t-shirt. You might be able to make out more of it from the image, but it looks like a plain white shirt with a cocktail glass on it with a woman in it. That can’t be sanitary…


Just when you thought the focus on Muscle cars ended with the playlist, think again. Rockstar has designated the next Premium Race, which is once again a stunt track. Trench II, set in the Senora Desert and only playable with muscle cars will be awarding first place finishers with 100k in GTA$ for the next week. Either enter the race via your smartphone app or hop on over to Legion Square where the permanent Premium Race blip is located.

Which promo offered by GTA Online’s Sunday Drivers Week excite you the most? Is it the discounted lowriders?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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