GTA Online Stunt Race Event Kicked Off

New DLC this isn’t

Cue disappointed sigh. Rockstar Games has announced the addition of new content to GTA Online today, but it isn’t a proper DLC update like we’ve all been hoping for, nor is it even a new vehicle on its own. Instead, what we’re getting is a new event and a handful of new officially created Stunt Races to pass the time between now and the next big update, whenever that will arrive.

The main attraction here is the whopping 15 new official, Rockstar created Stunt Races that run in the vein introduced by last year’s Cunning Stunts DLC. Crafted by the dev team, you can bet that these maps will be of a significantly higher quality standard than most of the ones produced by the community (sorry guys, but it’s true) since the release of the Stunt Race Creator.

Most of the new races are entirely new creations, however a pair are new takes on a common theme. Among the 15 additions is Trench III and Plummet II, being ‘sequels’ to two of the most praised races added to the game with the original update. According to the Newswire post, other races among the newcomers will have you racing through clouds and dodging the blades of wind turbines.

All the hair-raising thrills and stomach-churning twists from Stunt Races are back and bigger than ever with 15 brand new Rockstar Created tracks. You’ll race up glass towers, plummet through clouds, dodge turbines and clatter though bowling pins on your way to the finish line

You’ll have more incentive to jump back into the Stunt Racing circuit than just new maps, too. Through the 13th of March, all official and Rockstar Verified Stunt Races will be offering double RP and $GTA for participants. In case you want to rack up some cash while also playing what is commonly considered the most entertaining update the game has received since Heists, then this is for you.

What’s more, Rockstar isn’t just going to let you disgrace their new tracks with improper attire, so they’re throwing a cute Pink Stunt Jumpsuit at everyone who logs in between now and the end of the event, which is the 15th of March. Players who have been on their toes during previous events will be adding this to an already large collection of jumpsuits.

To help new players hit the ground running in the Stunt Race scene, Rockstar is also cutting the price of a number of stunt-ready vehicles which were added with the update or in subsequent mini-dlc. The Annis RE-7B, Emperor ETR1, Vapid Desert Raid, Vapid Trophy Truck, Obey Omnis, Lampadati Tropos Rallye are all 25% off while the event lasts, as well as all liveries, tattoos and clothing items introduced in the Cunning Stunts update.

However, to give players who don’t much like Stunt Racing a break too, Rockstar has cut the price of all Vehicle Warehouses by 25%. Vehicle Warehouses are required to do vehicle importing and exporting missions, which we recently found to be the most lucrative activity in GTA Online hands down.

New premium races and time trials have also been named. For premium races, Pier Race locked to the super class will be on until the 6th, when In The City locked to sports class will take over until the 13th. Up-n-Atom will be the first time trial on duty, with Maze Bank Arena taking over after the 5th.

Between the event ending on a Monday and running in the Stunt theme, we’re guessing this might be a hint that the next update will be a followup. Maybe Stunt Races will be the new running-theme like CEO work has been for three major updates since 2015’s Executives and Other Criminals update. In what ways a new take on the Stunt Races could expand the theme is an interesting question.

One logical thing would be adding new special Stunt-like races for aerial and water vehicles as well. Creating obstacle courses for such races would definitely be a great addition to the game, as it would also mean a line of new stunt-oriented planes and boats, both of which are woefully underrepresented in the game.

Either way, we’ll find out more in the coming weeks. Whatever theme Rockstar comes up with for the next major GTA Online DLC, we’re just wishing that they’d finally announce something through official channels.

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