GTA Online: Stunt Race Creator Guide Part 1

Not too long ago, GTA Online received the Stunt Race Creator update after about a month of fanfare and lead-up supplied by Cunning Stunts and its pair of mini-updates. Some time ago, back when the summer was just kicking off, Rockstar announced plans for a pair of DLCs which were intended to fill the game with new content in order to please the unruly masses who were disappointed with the “one lowrider a week” setup that characterised April.


The first of the two updates announced were Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, and the second was the as of then unnamed update to the Content Creator. At this point, not even the theme of stunts were revealed, we just knew that GTA Online’s official tool for creating fan made jobs would get a facelift.

Well after the launch of Finance and Felony, the update called Cunning Stunts was finally revealed. It detailed a new kind of race coming to GTA Online – stunt races – as well as plenty of new vehicles. True enough, the update launched with all that content and more, but the update for the Content Creator was nowhere to be seen.


Rockstar confirmed that the Stunt Race Creator would be coming to GTA Online at a later date. It was released three weeks after the launch of Cunning Stunts, with two smaller updates having been released in between the two to tide the community over.

Now that the Creator is out in its full glory, players have the chance to create their very own insane Stunt Race courses and share it with their fellow GTA Online fans. Plenty of new props and features have been added to the Content Creator to help in the creation of the best tracks the game has seen.


However it might be a bit daunting to jump into the creation of Stunt Races with all of these new features implemented. The updated Content Creator has slightly different controls and a new UI compared to the pre-Stunt Race Creator version, so even if you’ve mastered the tool before, this guide might come in handy if you want to build the most popular tracks.

When starting off with a new Stunt Race track, you’ll start off the same way as when making a Land Race. You’ll need to name your race, add a description, define the route type and so on – you probably know all this. If you don’t, you should consult Rockstar’s official GTA Online Race Creator Guide.


Next up, you’ll be selecting race placement, again much like in regular races. You’ll select the trigger, the lobby camera and place all of the checkpoints that the racers will need to reach. Once you’re done with all of this, the fun part of placing the props begins. Here, players who have already used the Creator extensively are at an advantage. following the update, the full library of props has expanded beyond 500, and if you want to make the best race possible, you’ll need to be familiar with the resources you have at your disposal.

Unfortunately, the number of props you can use in a single race to capped to 150 plus 20 dynamic props. While this does limit the scope of your project, preventing certain overly elaborate designs, the limit also helps rein in your wild imagination in order to invent something feasible. At a quick glance, 150 may not seem like much, but remember that the best fan made jobs for GTA Online all conform to this limit.


Many of the props you’ll see now that the update has been released will be stunt props. These are booster pads, massive loops, hoops of fire, etc. Basically anything related to racing but far too outlandish to be a real thing. The new props pretty much override any other setting, meaning that if you started building a land race and add a stunt prop, the Creator will automatically re-categorize the job as a Stunt Race.

Let’s take a look at those new props that have been added to the GTA Online Content Creator, broken down to categories. Regular Stunt tracks are the building blocks of a down-to-earth race, literally. These elements sit on or close to the surface, much like regular land races. Stunt raised tracks, on the other hand, are those props which are elevated into the air, or are used to connect the regular tracks with those up in the sky.


Stunt raised tracks were the props most often used in the marketing of Cunning Stunts, as they were used to create all of those impressive shots with the race-courses winding around the skyscrapers of GTA 5. The other type of extremely heavily featured props, even taking the center stage in the original teaser post, are the Stunt tubes.

These tubes have pretty much become the icon of Cunning Stunts, and come in all kinds of varieties. You have your regular tube elements, bends, start and end points, gaps, speed boosters and built-in rotating walls that act as traps. These tubes are all emblazoned in patriotic red, white and blue, with some stars thrown in for good measure.


Stunt Building Blocks are like the metal frame holding up a massive billboard – it isn’t what your attention should be focused at, but without it, the whole thing would collapse. Building Blocks are large, rectangular flat tiles. Whether you want the poor GTA Online players racing your track to get a little breather, or you need a tidy surface on which to work, this is the prop that serves said role.

Stunt ramps are one of the funnier additions to the GTA Online Content Creator. Not because of what they are or how they look like, but because players have been making makeshift ramps with the Creator literally since it was released. Of course, the official ramps newly added look a lot better, are more cohesive and allow for greater versatility in implementation, but still.


The official ramps come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, allowing you to find the perfect ramp for any situation. Since catching air is the backbone of stunting, these ramps are some of the most essential props for creating Stunt Races. Sure, you can take a different creative approach and build a map with no ramps in it, but chances are the overwhelming majority will indeed have such ramps.

The craziest elements used in Stunt Race courses are given their own category as Stunt Set Pieces. These are usually large, elaborate props that may not be easy to clear for the players. One of the most obvious example is the massive spiral loop features in screenshots. You can use these props to really turn your custom GTA Online race into a bonafide Stunt course.


While Stunt Signs aren’t as glamorous as Set Pieces or essential as Ramps, they are a necessary addition as well. Maybe you have a great idea for a challenging stunt or trap which you add to your map, but the poor players racing for the first time may just crash if not given some warning in advance. These signs are a great way to control the traffic on your custom race.

While loops may be a hallmark of stunt races, so are speed and decor. The Stunt Special category is reserved for those props which help players alter their speeds with assistance in order to successfully clear obstacles, as well as other Stunt props which don’t fit in other categories. These include booster pads, slow-down pads, rings of fire, or the PA system props.


Finally, you have Dynamic props, which include things like massive footballs, bowling pins and similar wacky props. The Stunt Map we recently covered that brings a bit of Rocket League to GTA Online uses such a dynamic football.

Now that you are familiarized with the props, it is time to make some decisions which will define your stunt track. You’ll need to select which of GTA Online’s many vehicles will be used for the track, as well as the overall color scheme of the race. You’ll also select if the race will be standard, rally or non-contact. To many player’s dismay, the official Stunt Races released by Rockstar were all set to standard.


The release of the Stunt Race Creator was run with promises of not just new props, but new features as well. While there are tiny additions here and there, Snapping, Stacking and Overriding are the main new additions to the GTA Online Content Creator.

Prop Snapping seeks to help creators with the alignment of their tracks. Having two parts of your course being misaligned by a few inches is unseemly and in some cases may completely break the race, however authors don’t always catch these little discrepancies. Snapping makes managing this aspect easier.


If you want complete control over the feature, you can activate Triggered Snapping, which only snaps upon the press of the assigned button.Luckily, snapping carries over categories, so you can snap together Tracks, Raised Tracks, Set Pieces and so on. If you plan on using a given prop multiple times, you can always use Chain Snapping, which will allow you to easily create snapped duplicates of the currently placed prop.

When it comes to Prop Stacking, get ready to turn of the feature on and off often. Prop Stacking, as the name implies, allows you to build one prop above another, opening up countless new possibilities. However, seeing as the number of buttons on Controllers are (woefully) limited, this has been bound to the same one as edit. It’s also good practise to check the tool-tip for the currently selected prop, as you don’t want to waste time by going back to re-select your intended prop.


The Override feature is used when you want to align every prop in your custom GTA Online Stunt Race perfectly. These let you alter the X, Y and Z values of the given prop, changing its position in the world as well as its rotation. This enables fine-tuning your odds and ends, even after they are placed through editing the prop. While some console players have reported an issue where the props spin out of control occasionally, this is still a rare bug and easily fixed.

Check back soon for the second part of this guide. In the meantime, feel free to hit up the newly added Stunt Race Creator in GTA Online, and put what you’ve learned here today to the test! There are plenty of great fan made stunt tracks out there, and with the contest coming up, you ought to practise your map-making skills.

Which new feature of the GTA Online Stunt Race Creator is your favorite?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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