GTA Online: Stunt Race Creator Contest Winners Announced

Five winners became Rockstar Verified

For a while there we thought the guys over at Rockstar had forgotten about that Stunt Race Creator competition they announced back when the feature was added to GTA Online. The contest announcement spawned quite a bit of excitement seeing as the five winners would be taking home a whopping $GTA 8 million in in-game cash. Seeing as the most expensive Shark Card nets you the same amount, it can be said that the prize is worth $100. Finally we know who those five lucky winners are.

The reason why Rockstar sat on this competition for so long is that they played and vetted every single entry, and then replayed those that didn’t fluke out, and so on until they reached the five winners. Considering the number of entries that 8 million prize probably attracted, we’re looking at hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of entries.

The five winners all brought their distinct ideas to the table, so it’s not like we got 5 races each with the same basic archetype – though mountains in often used. Rockstar has added all of the winning entries to a special Rockstar Verified Playlist, accessible through GTA Online until the 12th of December.

First up, we have “Rocket Kars” – yes, “kars” – by Slimjim171, suspended high above Mount Chiliad. This course may very well be the highest-altitude race in the game, and it makes use of all that open air. Massive jumps and lengthy straight runs are broken up by unexpected hairpin turns which make falling the most common cause of death on this course.

Black and Yellow by eclaide38 is our second winning contestant. The creator wanted the track’s visual profile to stick to our minds, resulting in a truly memorable race. Hovering above Paleto Cove, Black and Yellow makes the most of the many interesting Stunt Race props added to the creator with several blood-pumping set-pieces.

Our third winning entry, made by neogry, wins its name from the location where it is set – Mount Gordo. The Gordo track takes players on a high-speed tour of the region, going from the peak of the mountain all the way down to sea-level around the lighthouse that we’ve all no doubt crashed into with a Seashark at one point or other but are too embarrassed to admit.

Love Canyon by Serg3n mixes high-tech props with the dangers of mother nature, set around Raton Canyon and Mount Josiah. The track starts off with a focus on the landscape, including sweeping vistas and forest fires, only to transform into a prop-heavy set-piece-extravaganza.

Last but not least, we have Meuy’s Grand Line from shawface, which takes race course convention and tosses it right up into the air. While stunt tracks with multiple paths aren’t exactly a novelty, this track takes that concept further by adding a ton of them, allowing you to pick your own track, basically. I mean, has a wholly car-based racing RPG even been done before?

Each of the five winners more than deserve their pretty hefty rewards. While 8 million will get you the most expensive yacht – though you’ll be better off with the mid-range Pisces – it won’t buy you the gold plated Luxor Deluxe. Not that you’d want a Luxor Deluxe, right?

Did any of you guys enter this contest? Are any of the winners among our readers, perchance?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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