GTA Online’s Newest Event Kicked Off

It seems that the former trend of weekly events being lined up back-to-back to keep the GTA Online playerbase busy in between DLC releases has returned. Last week we got an event doubling the RP and cash payout on three Adversary Modes which followed the theme of a team of bodyguards protecting a VIP from a team of assassins. A few vehicles were also discounted, like usual and a new Premium Race was designated.


Today marks the start of another event week, and this time Rockstar is being plenty generous. While a few months ago, during the time of the multitude of events following one another, at one point we started getting events where the double cash promo would only last through the weekend, and sometimes there was no double cash promo at all. Well, this event marks a turning point for GTA Online events, as there’s not just one but two way to earn double rewards.

The Stunts & Entourage Bonuses event week focuses on some of the newest content added to GTA Online, meaning stuff from the Cunning Stunts update and its subsequent smaller expansions. The newest Adversary Mode, added with Cunning Stunts, also gets a bit of time in the spotlight, as do official Rockstar-made Stunt Races


The event is running through the 25th of August, meaning next Thursday, so you’ll have plenty of time to capitalize on the promotions going on. The free clothing item reward has returned, so simply logging into GTA Online while the event lasts will net you a Red Stuntman Jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is decorated in patriotic red white and blue and emblazoned with stars just in case you weren’t feeling ‘Murican enough.

The two ways of earning both double RP and cash throughout the course of the event is by either playing any Rockstar-made Stunt Race, or by playing the newest Adversary Mode, Entourage. While the recent release of the Stunt Race Creator may have you eager to play some of the best fan-made stunt courses, but you’ll definitely benefit more from sticking to official maps.


Entourage hasn’t been selected as the designated double reward Adversary Mode just because it is the newest one, oh no. GTA Online’s most recent Mode has been expanded with three new maps, allowing players to duke it out in El Burro Heights, Paleto Bay and Pillbox Hill. The three new maps are live already, so get in on the double rewards as soon as you can.

No event can occur without a healthy dose of discounts. This event focuses on some of the newest vehicles to be added to GTA Online. There is a 25% discount on the X80 Proto, the Progen Tyrus, the Dewbauchee Seven 70 and the Vapid Desert Raid. If you’re looking for something a bit more old-school (in terms of addition to the game, not design), both variants of the Insurgent are 50% off while the event lasts. Note that this promo also temporarily removes the heist completion requirement for the Insurgent.


If you’re looking to deal out some serious punishment on a budget, this event has you covered. GTA 5’s resident arms dealer, Ammunation, has thrown a 50% discount on Sniper Rifles, Miniguns and Launchers as well as ammunition to ensure you are well stocked whenever the rough and rowdy nature of Online comes calling.

Rockstar has also announced what the next Premium Race will be in rotation. Plummet, one of the official Stunt Races has been selected to act as the battlefield of champions for the week. Here, after paying the standard entry fee of 20K, the best racers of GTA Online may compete for the three podium positions. As per the recent change in the reward distribution, third place gets their 20K back, second wins 30K for a measly profit while first place walks away with 100K. All others get nothing.


With this event being pretty unique in terms of offering two ways to earn double GTA $ throughout the whole week, some players assume this is Rockstar’s sneaky way of helping players prepare for the next DLC. Some think, based on unconfirmed leaks, that a Biker themed DLC is on the way, however with no official news on the matter, it’s as good as anyone’s guess.

Which part of this GTA Online event excites you most?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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