GTA Online Gets New Bonuses, Premium Race

Earlier today, players found that the newest GTA Online mini-update has gone live in-game even though Rockstar didn’t announce anything via its official channels. Now, the devs have finally spoken up and revealed a few other things beyond what the players noticed this afternoon.

First things first – the new bike. As mentioned before, the Nagasaki Shotaro is a really, really fast bike that is based on the lightcycles from Tron. The vehicle comes with stock bulletproof tires, the secondary color glows in the dark, and it costs $2,225,000, making it the most expensive bike in GTA Online.

But before you can shell out more than two million for a piece of futuristic tech, you’ll need to learn how to use it. To unlock the Shotaro for purchase at Legendary Motorsports, you need to play at least one round of Deadline, the all new Adversary Mode added to GTA Online.


Granted, you don’t need to win, just play. This might be Rockstar’s newest method of boosting Adversary Mode populations, as they have always suffered from low player counts. That said, Deadline also has the fact that it’s actually really fun going for it.

It’s basically the light-cycle battles of Tron adapted to GTA Online. In this mode, the energy-trails of the Shotaros are active. While they’re not permanent as in the films, but rather have a limited length, overall the mode is a well made adaptation.


Playing Deadline will unlock both the Shotaro and the unique black/neon Tron inspired outfits to go with it. Players who purchase the bike while this event lasts will also get a free in-game shirt with the Nagasaki logo on it. The Adversary Mode is also spiced up with some power-ups which weren’t present in Tron. The Shotaro isn’t your only incentive to play, as there is a double RP and GTA $ promo on the Mode until the 21st.

Rockstar has also launches some neat discounts, as well as an odd new promo model. All business product sales missions now offer double RP and +50% GTA $, which is a setup that we’ve never seen before. Then again, considering that businesses are really quite lucrative, a full-on double cash promo would have lathered players with money. Discounts are as follows:


  • Biker Businesses – 25%


  • Karin Technical – 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • Savage – 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • MTL Brickade – 50%


  • Bullet Ammo – 25%
  • Throwables and Explosives – 25%
  • Body Armor – 25%
  • Drum & Box Magazines – 25%


The new event also means a new Premium Race. Top racers will be braving “Over the Bridge” locked to bikes through the 21st for a guaranteed triple RP bonus, as well as major cash payouts for the first three finishers.

Have you guys already picked up your Shotaros?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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