GTA Online’s Best Prison Themed Fan Jobs

Every now and then, Rockstar collects a few of the best fan made jobs made with the Content Creator in GTA Online and showcases them on their own news platform, the Newswire. Typically, these jobs conform to a pre-determined theme or topic for the sake of cohesion. They’ve featured jobs which either hearken back to older titles developed by Rockstar, or which are designed around recently released DLC updates.


The currently running – but soon ending – Capture Week has slapped a double RP promo on all capture jobs and there are a few of those among these Rockstar Verified jobs. The theme this time around is prison riots, meaning the jobs will take place in and around Bolingbroke Penitentiary – which is also the main scene of the Prison Break heist.

PC players can enjoy a game of capture named Penitentiary Panic on the roof of the prison. While the enemy team is your biggest concern, don’t forget about the prisoners either who will stop at nothing to prevent you from stealing their drug stash.


If you’re tired of playing Capture, you can always take out Prison Yard LTS for a spin. Like the title suggests, the mode is Last Team Standing, where players each have only one life. A ton of cover has been placed throughout the yard, making this one of the more tactical maps you’ll find, with generous amounts of weapon pickups.

On the Xbox side of things, fans of the Microsoft console will be able to reap double RP with the High Profile Transport capture job. This job is one of the more creative interpretations of capture, placing the objective in a moving prison bus. One team must protect the package while it is en route, while the other has to steal it in order to score. The convoy includes the mission-critical prison bus as well as an armored riot vehicle, so make use of them.


Racers get a treat on the Xbox, as one of the jobs happens to be a pretty solid race set around and about the prison complex. Featuring tight turns – and plenty of them – you’ll do well to opt for a vehicle with high maneuverability, or you’ll be out of the race in no time.

Fans of Sony’s consoles will be able to play a game of capture based on the previously mentioned Heist which has the same setting. The players are equipped with massive arsenals, however that is matched by a massive NPC army of police officers and angry prisoners. The goal is to deliver an ill-fated police truck to the drop off point, while dissuading the enemy team from coming too close.


Topping things off is a chaotic team deathmatch set in the yard titled Central Unit. The map is packed with molotovs and advanced rifles so you can rain fire and death down upon your enemies. The job sets up rival prison gangs amidst a turf-war inside the penitentiary.

Rockstar encourages enterprising job-creators to post their GTA Online missions that have a Prison setting in the comments below the Newswire article.

Rockstar has recently teased new, upcoming GTA Online DLC, including an overhaul to the Content Creator. A recent update added a new restriction, preventing the stacking of props, or the placing of objects in close proximity. Several map-designs relied on stacked props, meaning this was received pretty negatively by the community.


The new update, which will add new vehicles to GTA Online designed specifically for stunting, will once again enable prop stacking as well as introducing an entire Content Creator overhaul with new props and features.

Have you made any prison themed GTA Online jobs with the Creator?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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