GTA Online: Pac Standard Guide To Success Without The Kuruma Glitch

Because you don’t need no armored car to score a full payout

Recently, players discovered that the extremely popular and notorious Kuruma glitch for the Pacific Standard heist has been patched out. While it might seem like the end of full-payout runs, hope is hardly lost as there is still a reliable method to ace the finale without bleeding cash from the money bags.

Reports that trying to access the apartment during the finale of the Pacific Standard heist resulted in a system message saying “You cannot access your apartment at this time.” started coming in a few days ago, and many players have confirmed this since. As you’re no longer capable of accessing your garage in the area the Kuruma method can no longer be executed.

Don’t despair though, as there are two methods to complete the mission without the use of any glitch, without losing too much money. All you need is a good team, no small amount of skill and a way of communicating with everyone.

Okay, if you usually heist with randoms, you can despair.

Basically, the finale’s programming is a boon to players. Both methods are entirely accessible in the mission without breaking any of the rules the game has set, and are fairly reliable in getting you full payouts. Sure, they’re not as secure as the Kuruma method was, but they’re still your best bets – and neither involve the bikes the game wants you to use by default.

First up, we have a rather brutal and seemingly counter-intuitive way to secure safe passage. If you can’t go off to grab an armored vehicle from your garage, why not order one right to the bank? Shooting hostages while inside the bank will cause NOOSE operatives to attack you upon exiting, and they’ll bring a lot of brawn to bear, including armored vehicles of their own. Armored vehicles that you can steal.

While actually stealing the bloody thing is pretty difficult, it is hardly impossible and once everyone’s inside, you can rest easy. That said, you’ll likely lose quite a bit of cash before you get into the vehicle, so the second method might be a better option.

The other method stems from a handy little side-effect of the mission’s scripting. Once you reach the checkpoint where you’re supposed to get on the bikes, the enemies begin spawning in a different way. Basically, the cops won’t shoot at you, nor will they set up roadblocks, unless you shoot at them first. Since gunning down the blues is a kneejerk reaction in GTA Online, most players are had.

However if you stay your itching trigger finger, the incoming police helicopters will be the only thing taking potshots at you, while all other police will simply attempt to ram you, something easily dodged. Grab the first four-seater you encounter, herd the whole heist team into it and zoom off to the dinghy without attacking the police, and you should be golden.

This second method generally results in less wasted money, but is harder to coordinate, especially with randoms. Generally speaking “get into the armored vehicle” is a message that is easier to convey than “ignore everything the game has taught you up until now and don’t shoot the cops”.

Even so, one of the main strengths of the Kuruma method was its fame. After one and a half years of doing it all the time, most of the community has learned it and assumed it was the default way to approach heists. Now, you’ll have to assume that the randoms don’t know the above methods, and the whole thing becomes yet another logistical nightmare.

Happy heisting…

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