GTA Online’s Ultimate Outfit Saving Method

Have you ever wanted to wear those special, limited use outfits that you get for some select missions in GTA Online full time? After all, these are just visual differences we’re talking about, so there really isn’t any effect on gameplay and balance.  Many popular themes, such as police related accessories and the like are restricted for use only during special jobs. Other outfits are only available when playing a given Adversary Mode.


Well, now there is a way to save all of those outfits in GTA Online for later use, including the paratrooper gear from Drop Zone and even the football uniform from Inch By Inch. This method has been confirmed by players across all platforms, so you should be able to make use of it regardless of you system of choice.

As far as glitches go, this is a fairly simple one. More or less the only thing you need to pay attention to is to make sure you’re not currently a VIP when attempting this. These instructions are a tad simpler than the ones you’ll find for switching the color of your BMX or pimping your guns.


Just boot up whatever which job in GTA Online gives you access to your desired outfit and select the clothes you want to save for permanent use.

Once you’ve appeared in the game with the desired outfit, open up the interaction menu and navigate to the “accessories” tab. Here, look for the two options labelled “auto show bike helmet” and “auto show aircraft helmet”. All you need to do is click on both of them 3 times individually.


Now if you leave the job, you’ll spawn in the session still wearing the outfit you selected in the job. Hop on down to your apartment and save it. This way you’ll be a able to select it anytime in the future without having to go through the whole process.

You can access the cop and garbage man outfits easiest in the Crooked Cop job and the glitch has been confirmed for the cuffed prisoner outfit as seen in the Prison Break heist. The only outfits this can’t be used for are those which are reserved for VIP players, as the interaction menu is altered when you’re a VIP, making this glitch impossible to perform.

Which of the limited or unobtainable GTA Online outfits are you favorite? Which will you be saving with this harmless glitch?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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