GTA Online: Newly Transferred Players’ Guide

Here’s all that you missed out on this past year

Mere hours separate us from the Character Transfer feature in GTA Online shutting down forever, meaning that there are likely a whole lot more of you among us who play the Enhance Edition of the game now, in part thanks to Rockstar’s sale on the game dedicated to this event. Considering the last update the old-gen consoles saw was Ill-Gotten Gains, there is a whole lot in the game that the newcomers won’t be familiar with, while people who upgraded before know them by heart.

This guide was put together to help the newly transferred players ease into this new and altogether different version of GTA Online. The fastest cars are different, the most popular game modes are different, the missions are different, the prices are different and most importantly, the ways of making a virtual fortune is different.

The very first thing you’ll notice is that there is a whole lot more content right from the get-go. The minimap will be filled with icons new to you, the interaction menu will look like a clusterf…uh I mean mess and people will be riding around on vehicles you’ve never seen before.

Hop down to a clothing store and see that there will be a multitude of new outfits to choose from, with some of the most apparent being various new pieces of business attire, racing gear and all-leather, all-spikes biker gear. You’ll also note that the already bloated Tattoos tab will have spiraled out of control – and all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So what are the major beats that you’ve missed out on? The thing you’ll likely encounter first while messing around in Freemode will be the very update named after it: Freemode Events. The main thing this update brought to the table was a selection of various activities that randomly spawn while in Freemode that anyone can instantly join.

These include rampages of destruction, racing while trying to stay within an ever-shrinking circle and collecting packages across the map. There is a wide variety of events and many offer quite a bit of entertainment, however don’t expect to get rich off them or rack up a whole lot of RP. These are designed to help you screw time away between cooldowns or waiting for other activities to unlock. We’ve produced a handful of guides regarding Freemode Events for your enjoyment.

Next up was likely the most-leaked and most-fake-leaked update in GTA Online history, Lowriders. Seriously, by the time this thing was released, people were already tired of it. The update added a new contact, Lamar, who returns from the story mode, and a handful of new vehicles. The twist this time around was that the new rides could be taken to a new auto-shop, Benny’s Original Motorworks, for extensive and flashy modification and customization work do be done that LSC will never do.

Lowriders was more about spending than earning, as the titular vehicles chewed up cash like nobody’s business. That said, the Benny’s thing became something of a staple, with cars being added to its roster even now, allowing for extensive customization. Over the months, this was extended to various non-lowrider cars as well, if that’s not your style.

The first truly game-changing update that hit GTA Online after content support for the old-gen was ditched was Executives and Other Criminals, which kicked off the whole CEO theme that has carried on with the game ever since. Beyond adding a whole lot of new content like weapons and vehicles, the update also introduced the Yachts and the whole CEO/Associate system, but back then it was called VIP/Bodyguard.

Some of the missions from Executives still make up part of the perfected money-making method in GTA Online today. Beyond this, the update set the stage for the future of the game. Fair warning though, even if you have the cash on hand, don’t buy the most expensive yacht – get the mid-range one, here’s why.

Following Executives was a litany of largely unimportant updates, such as the rather fun if forgettable Be My Valentine DLC and the rather underwhelming Custom Classics update. However, once these were done with, Rockstar dropped the next big bomb in the CEO series of updates, with an even longer name this time around: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

The new update took the CEO thing to the next level, giving players lavish corporate offices to buy and warehouses to stock full of illegal goods. For months after this update was released, the crate-selling mechanic reigned supreme as the number one money making method in GTA Online, and some players swear by it even today.

The biggest draw of the update was the black market mechanic. Players had to buy offices and at least one warehouse for this. Then, they would do Buy missions where they needed to collect goods and deliver them to the warehouse. Here, they could select buyers, and then initiate a Sell mission where they made profit on their investment, provided they succeeded.

This took the rivalry between the well-mannered players and the griefers to a whole new level, as the latter now had a relatively easy means of swiftly erasing millions in in-game currency by destroying the investment of the former. The shit-flinging persists even today.

After Finance and Felony, Rockstar decided to throw the status quo in many ways. Cunning Stunts was unlike any DLC GTA Online had seen before, and it was also among the most loved. The focus this time was on racing, but a new kind of racing. The new stunt tracks would be whacky death-traps in race course form, filled with furnaces, massive jumps, loops and entire sections floating above skyscrapers. Not exactly rooted in reality, but hey, it was fun as hell.

Following Cunning Stunts was a long awaited answer to the longest requested update by the community. Bikers put motorcycle clubs in the spotlight. The DLC added a host of new bikes and clothes to GTA Online, as well as an MC mechanic where you could found your own club.

A new gameplay mechanic in the shape of Businesses was introduced, which brought the first instance of semi-passive income to GTA Online. You can read all about how to use the system most effectively here. A number of other neat missions, like Clubhouse Contracts, were also added.

Most recently, Rockstar graced the community with an update that was somewhat derided at first, but once the players learned how to properly use the system, it arose as the single most effective and efficient way to make cash in the game: Import/Export. A new chapter in the on-going CEO saga, Import/Export once again placed the focus on the stealing of cars – like, you know, the name of the entire franchise suggests.

Basically, you’d do source missions where you steal a specific car, take it to your vehicle garage, fix it up, repaint it, and then deliver to the seller. Naturally, your objective was to sustain as little damage as possible, however the NPCs – and even the PEDs – would make that difficult. That said, there are some neat ways to do import missions in order to maximize profits.

Import/Export also introduced special vehicles, such as a ramp-buggy, a semi-truck with a massive car-plow welded to its front, amphibious quads, sports cars with jet engines strapped to their rear and literally KITT from Knight Rider. Incidentally, these vehicles will be featured in an upcoming update that will mix them with Cunning Stunt’s courses.

In between all of these updates, Rockstar released a whole lot of mini-DLCs, which usually included just a single vehicle, or sometimes a vehicle and an Adversary Mode. In the recent months, Rockstar really stepped up their Adversary Mode game and produced some really great modes like Sumo, Power Play and above all else, Deadline, which is basically the light-cycle battles from Tron. Oh, and you can buy an actual light-cycle.

The new and updated version of GTA Online you’ve transferred over to has a whole lot of new content to show you. Read up on the various resources we’ve linked to throughout this article, and get ready to immerse yourself!

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