Introducing The Doomsday Heist: First New Heist For GTA Online In Three Years

Christmas is coming early

Out of absolutely nowhere, and thus proving wrong the assumption that there are no more major updates lined up for 2017, Rockstar Games announced what may be the biggest piece of GTA Online news this entire year!

Next week we’re getting a DLC called The Doomsday Heist.

Yes, GTA Online is getting a new heist. Rockstar hasn’t divulged too much info yet, but they have released a ridiculously packed action trailer full of awesome new vehicles and, most importantly, jetpacks.

The Doomsday Heist is going to add narrative content to GTA Online for the first time in three years.  Several recurring characters from the story, including Lester Crest, will join forces in an unlikely alliance to prevent nuclear war. Because nuclear war is bad for business.

And your character, one of the most notorious and wealthiest criminals of Los Santos, is going to help save the world… obviously, for the profit. Some unknown country wants to launch nukes at Los Santos, and presumably the rest of the USA, and you need to stop them.

Amid all the explosions and surreal vehicles, the trailer doesn’t give away many details about the heist itself, but based on the various scenes it will be fairly complex with a number of interesting set-up missions.

The new DLC will bring a whole lot of new rides to the game too, including Deloreans which transform into flying vehicles, military trucks with missile racks, armored attack helicopters, twin rotor helicopters, a new variant of prison transport, a new jet, and a new turreted 4×4. Oh, and we mentioned jetpacks earlier. Jetpacks. Finally!

Based on the trailer, this update is going to be absolutely packed with content. We noted some new clothing items and weapons in the trailer as well, but there is no telling yet just how much content we’re looking at.

And the best part of all this? We needn’t wait long.

If you were wondering why Rockstar broke tradition and didn’t release anything this Tuesday, here’s why: The Doomsday Heist will launch on the 12th of December, which is next Tuesday. Surely an update of this importance is worth missing a week of drip-feed content right?

Keep an eye on our feed, as we’ll be covering any details that are revealed as we get close to release.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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