Some New GTA Online Information and Screens

A Czech gaming magazine managed to score itself a preview of GTA Online and we’ve got the translated bits of new information below, along with some all new screenshots for you to enjoy.

  • You can access a “quick character change inventory” while playing, which will enable you to quickly put on things like masks, etc.
  • You can only own one property at a time and your home can be customized with everything from fancy furniture and accessories, to big TVs and more.
  • You can install a GPS tracking device to your car and track it down if someone steals it!
  • Convertible car rooftops are still in the game.
  • In order to start “quick races” you just need mark the start and the finish lines and then race!
  • The handling of the cars is apparently very good (apparently Midnight Club like).
  • Race modes include lap racing, a classic GTA-style race (with guns etc), rally racing and more.
  • You can improve and increase your gun skills, stamina and other character attributes.
  • There is literally hundred of missions and they can be replayed, and each mission with have a table of results (like in The Ballad of Gay Tony).
  • For heists you can hire people to help you like co-ordinators, spies, drivers and others.









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