GTA Online Heists New Teaser and Payout Screenshot


Heists are almost here! Next Tuesday, March 10, you’ll be able to perform co-op heists in GTA Online with your friends. Just in case you weren’t excited enough already, Rockstar Tweeted a short teaser today to remind everyone.

Twelve seconds into the teaser, you can see a board with the heist information on it, including the payouts for each participant. Thanks to a preview from IGN, we can get a clearer view of the board (pictured above). While it may seem unusual that the heist leader, who must front the money for the heist, is receiving the same cut as everyone else, it is the leader who decides out the payout is divided.

Some fans are concerned that the total payout is too small for the amount of time heists demand, as IGN’s sample heist took them three hours. In three hours, players could make the same amount of money or more through other GTA Online missions. What do you think? Are you excited for Tuesday?

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