GTA Online goes down for maintenance, GTA$ removal?


You’ve probably noticed that Rockstar has taken down GTA Online for scheduled maintenance and to implement a new patch widely thought to introduce the toughest measures yet again cheating and glitching within the game.

The maintenance window is expected to be up to 24 hours long and Rockstar has said that if you want updates then to check this page. What we’re really interested in is whether Rockstar will be able to efficiently and correctly roll back and remove from the GTA Online economy all the GTA$ that has been obtained through various exploits and glitching – most involving reselling cars over and over to Los Santos Customs.

There is also of course the progression cheats that some people have been using, and it’s also not yet known whether Rockstar will/is able to roll back the online ranks of that people that have been using those cheats.

So like we said, stay tuned to the official Rockstar support page linked to above and GTA Onliner, as we’ll notify you as soon as GTA Online comes back up… there could be a lot of people with a lot of less GTA$, items, weapons, properties and rank – so it will be interesting!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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