GTA Online Gives Thanks With Double RP and $GTA


First it was just an Adversary Mode – now, a whole event.

You asked for more double RP and GTA$ events, Rockstar is giving you more double RP and GTA$ events. With the Lowriders week just behind us, Rockstar is tossing yet another event our way.

This time it is for the occasion of Thanksgiving, that one very old celebration which is held for various reasons in various countries (but is predominantly known as a US thing). Preparations are being made in households all over the world for this rather significant event where families unite to remember all the good things that have happened to them – or, you know, log on to GTA Online because double GTA$, yo.


The event lasts from the 26th till the 29th (don’t worry, that turkey dinner will fit), with something special planned for the 27th. Players will be able to pack in double the rewards and reputation from all Adversary Modes, including the all new “Running Back” mode, which is based on the traditional Thanksgiving football games held in the USA.

While the last-gen consoles are missing out on all the new content, they’re still getting a piece of the double reward action, and that offer is valid on all Adversary Modes.


On the 27th, which happens to fall on a particular Friday which is associated with a dark color (or lack of color, if you want to nitpick), there will be some special discounts on in-game items. All apartments can be yours for 40% less than regular price, plus a 25% discount on all vehicles. With the lowriders being as pricey as they are, that latter discount sure will be popular. Good thing your GTA Online character can’t get trampled to death.

How are you guys celebrating Thanksgiving? Will you be having your slice of the turkey while sitting in front of a screen, grinding GTA Online Adversary Modes?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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