GTA Online Getting Tiny Racers On The 25th

The top-down Adversary Mode is finally on its way

The retro styled Adversary Mode that was teased for GTA Online is finally arriving and it looks a tad different than we had assumed. Officially called Tiny Racers, the mode will be a twist on the standard stunt racing formula which locks the camera to a bird’s eye view perspective.

Initially teased as “Top-Down”, Rockstar gave a rather vague description of what to expect, along with a tease for the Resurrection Adversary Mode, which we got some time ago. While the initial description was admittedly concise, many assumed that it would be a call-back to the old-school 2D era games by giving us a deathmatch scenario as seen from above.

However, as we elaborated previously, adapting GTA 5’s 3D control scheme and mechanics to a 2D perspective would be exceedingly tricky. It’s logical, then, that Rockstar ended up giving us a top-down twist on some vehicular game mode, where vertical motion is rare indeed.

Tiny Racers is basically stunt racing from a top-down perspective spiced up with some power-ups. If the trailer is anything to go by, destroying your opponents will have a bigger emphasis in this mode, as opposed to merely passing the finish line before they do. The power-ups featured in the trailer seemingly assist you in this regard rather than taking the lead, so aggression – which is inadvisable in regular races – is the primary strategy here.

In other news, today is the 20th of April “420”, which has arisen in some circles to be associated with marijuana and is considered to be “weed day”. Naturally, Rockstar leaped onto the bandwagon since drugs are a relatively major theme in the GTA franchise.

Today only, you can grab Weed Farm business, introduced in the Bikers update, at a 50% markdown. Upgrades to your new business will also cost you half as much as they usually do, and profits will be 50% more than usual. All this said, the Weed Farm is among the least profitable or efficient of the businesses available in the game, so we’d only recommend grabbing this deal if it’s your second business and you’ve got a cocaine lockup running already. You can read more about maximizing profits from businesses here.

Oh, weed green tire smoke is also 50% off today. Tiny Racers comes to GTA Online on the 25th of April, next Tuesday.

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