GTA Online Getting New VIP Work And More

So far, 2016 is shaping up to be a tight year both in terms of content and, undoubtedly much to Rockstar’s ire, in terms of leaks. Compared to the absolute mess that the fall of 2015 was in terms of baseless rumors and fake leaks, this year has been pretty sparse in terms of false info. When it did happen, it was pretty blatant and poorly put together.


The recent Lowriders: Custom Classics was not only leaked ahead of schedule, but once it was released, its files were quickly cracked open to reveal what else we can look forward to in the next DLC pack. We’ve already known about the three new rides that will be joining the Slamvan, Classic Virgo and Donk, however it seems that more content is coming than just new additions to Benny’s.

The most recent major DLC update, barring the thematic updates for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, was the Executives and Other Criminals update, bringing a whole new layer to the gameplay via the VIP and Bodyguard system. Now for the first time since the DLC was launched, new work for VIPs seems to be incoming.

One of the most reliable GTA Online leakers has recently posted source code evidence pointing to new VIP missions and challenges being released soon in an update alongside a new Contact which will in some way be related to Executives. Maybe a Contact who is only accessible to VIPs?


We’ve recently covered the football related game models which were leaked, suggesting that GTA Online will be getting a sports themed Adversary Mode called Inch By Inch (yeah, seriously). If that wasn’t enough for you, another Adversary Mode in the same theme has also been uncovered which is allegedly called “In and Out”.

This seems way too ridiculous to be true, but this is GTA we’re talking about and the info is backed up with some solid evidence in the face of the in-game models and a prompt found in the code.

IAO_HELP_1 = If all remaining packages are held at the end of the timer, attackers will get a further minute to deliver them. 
If any of the held packages are dropped during Sudden Death the defenders win. 


The leaks suggest that the three rides and two Adversary Modes will be added to GTA Online piece by piece on a weekly basis during April. This slow trickle of content has led players to speculate that Rockstar is building up to a massive update soon.

Are you more excited for the new lowriders or for the sports-themed GTA Online Adversary Modes?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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