GTA Online Gets Valentine’s Adversary Mode

Following the release of GTA Online’s Be My Valentine DLC, Rockstar teased at an upcoming Adversary Mode to commemorate the event as well. The new mode wasn’t among the details of the update leaked a while back, so players had no idea what to expect, nor did anyone expect to see it so soon. Last year’s Valentine’s Day update didn’t bring any new PvP game modes, however in recent months Rockstar has been tossing out new Adversary Modes like there’s no tomorrow.


We speculated that the Till Death Do Us Part mode will be some sort of deathmatch with 2-player teams. As it turns out we were right, but there is more to it than that. Since true love is typically characterized by not being able to live without your better half, in this Adversary Mode if your partner dies, so do you. Each team has one life in between the two members and gain a health regeneration bonus if in close proximity. Of course it goes without saying that this mode is best played in vintage clothes and with the Gusenberg Sweeper.

Currently there are five locations where you can play Till Death Do Us Part, all in some of the most scenic and romantic areas of GTA Online. To keep you in the game Rockstar has put together an event playlist cycling through the locations. When team coordination and strategy is so important, it pays to know the terrain.


The new Adversary Mode will be a rather prominent feature of the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend event Rockstar has organised. No doubt playing the new mode will provide double payouts, however if Adversary Modes aren’t your thing, we’re sure there will be other lucrative opportunities as well.

Do you guys have anyone with whom to play this new GTA Online Adversary Mode?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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