GTA Online Gets New Bonuses, Double Cash On 4 Categories

Players are given many ways to make fortunes

Another Tuesday, another round of bonus promotions in GTA Online. Not much could match last week’s double RP and cash on Heists, but we can’t fault Rockstar for not trying: this time around, four activities get the promo, not just one. As always, there are a handful of discounts too.

The star, or stars in this case, of this round are the wide selection of activities which will net you twice as much GTA$ as a reward than usual. Through the 25th of May, all Stunt Races and Special Vehicle Races created by Rockstar, Juggernaut matches, and Resurrection matches will yield double rewards. While the latter two Adversary Modes didn’t quite achieve wide popularity, the Stunt Races and Special Vehicle Races are well liked and often played.

Of course, none of these activities are particularly lucrative even with the double rewards, especially in comparison to the heists, but then everything would seem pale right after such a major promotion. Special Vehicle Races seem to be the most rewarding of the four, though if you happen to like them, the two Adversary Modes are decent sources of income as well.

There is a 25% discount on a wide range of items as well, mostly running in the theme of the Special Vehicle Circuit update and subsequent minor expansions. All four vehicles associated with this DLC, including the Progen GP1, the Hijak Ruston, the (now fixed) Infernus Classic and the fantastic Turismo Classic are discounted. If you don’t have one yet, we really really recommend picking up a Turismo Classic. It’s a great car all around, destroys everything else in its class and is moderately priced even without the discount. Now that it’s on sale, you have no reason not to buy it.

A selection of vehicle modifications are also on sale, allowing you to trick out your new ride. Spoilers, exhausts, brakes, transmission, engine and turbo upgrades all benefit from that 25% discount, giving you almost a full suite of all the upgrades that matter, with suspension being the only important thing missing. You can style your character too with the same discount applying to all clothing items introduced in the DLC.

Bonus events have fallen out of synch with the premium race schedule, but Rockstar has revealed the next two in line along with their dates. Through the 22nd, The Loop locked to the rocket Voltic will be the premium race and Down Chiliad will be the time trial, replaced by Steeplechase locked to the Ruiner 2000 and Del Perro Pier through the 29th.

Time to grab your crew and hop into some Resurrection and Juggernaut queues to wind down with some leisurely slaughter after a long, hard week of serious heisting.

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