GTA Online: Future Heists We’d Love to See


Despite the numerous delays and initial server difficulties, the long-awaited Heists have taken Grand Theft Auto Online by storm. With new vehicles, multiple setup missions, and different roles for players to try, each of the five Heists currently available has enough replay value to keep fans entertained for a while.

Eventually, though, we hope to see new Heists added to GTA Online. Who knows what Rockstar has in store, but here are some future Heists we love to see.

It’s called “Grand Theft Auto,” after all, so why not have a Heist all about stealing cars?


For this Heist, your team would be charged with taking a set amount of specific cars to a drop-off point. In the first mission, you’d have to locate the cars and scope out the security around them. The second mission, then, would revolve around getting the necessary equipment to bypass said security. For example, some players might need to steal keys while the others prepare to hack through electronic doors. The last setup mission would cover the final steps before your team could take all of the cars and escape.

While we’re on the topic of impressive thefts, what if a future Heist involved stealing something large–like a car made out of gold or a priceless statue? Setup missions for this Heist would involve obtaining both the means to break into the object’s location and to transport it. Due to the object’s size, your team would need to use careful planning and coordination to set everything up before you could finally get your prize to the drop-off point.

Massive undertakings like that have their appeal, but don’t overlook the value of smaller Heists. Short safe-cracking missions could be a fun way to introduce a new mini-game and offer the chance for moderate payouts, and many fans would love to get inside GTA V’s banks.


Another Heist could pit the players against advanced technology and high security, such as stealing drones or getting inside a secure locations. This could involve performing missions for an ally who can help, stealth-based infiltrations, and careful surveillance. One team could use stolen tech to find a safe path for the other team to sneak inside the target location, and the final heist could involve a mad escape as the police, your enemies, or even the military descends upon you.

Maybe Heists could further explore the Epsilon Program or revisit North Yankton, or even touch upon GTA the Infinite 8 mystery. If GTA Online ever receives the much-rumored casino DLC, a casino Heist could be brilliant, whether you’re robbing the casino of all its cash or working from the inside for another scheme.

Tradition has its place as well–what would you say to a GTA-style train robbery?

These are only a few possibilities for future Heists. What sorts of GTA Online Heists would you like to see?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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