GTA Online Freemode Events Last Nail In Story DLC’s Coffin

It seems that as much as the announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events is the beginning of new era for GTA Online, it is also the ending of others. With GTA Online update 1.29 bringing the new game play content of the DLC only to PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, it is safe to assume that Rockstar has joined the long list of AAA publishers who are procedurally pulling content support for multi-gen games which are still getting new content. This also raised the question of the life-span of the last-gen GTA Online servers and Rockstar’s resource allocation going forward. However another thing to consider with Freemode Events – does this mean that we won’t ever see story DLC, or does this mean story DLC is the next thing we’re getting?


Now, GTA Online Freemode Events is a massive update, expanding greatly upon the MMO aspect of GTA V. We know that the four events outlined in the trailer and original Rockstar post are hardly all there is, and we also know that a wealth of features and background tweaks are yet to be revealed as the September 15 release date approaches. It is also safe to assume the Rockstar will not simply announce the majority of content in the update, and let players discover the new face of GTA Online for themselves.

This massive reworking of how GTA Online’s Freemode functions however suggests that 1.29 is merely laying the groundwork for a new line of future GTA Online DLC packs, working off of Freemode Events’ new framework. If this is the case, it seems hard to believe that Rockstar would have the time or resources to develop a full fledged single-player DLC like people hope.

On the flip side, it is possible that with the release of Freemode Events, Rockstar and redirect some manpower to finish off a story DLC which has been in development already. Are you guys still holding out for GTA V story DLC?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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