GTA Online Finance And Felony Details Leaked

Just when you thought the age of GTA Online DLC leaks are over, details about the upcoming Further Adventures In Finance And Felony have been posted on the GTAForums by reputable sources. While it was obvious that there is more to the update than what was revealed in the two announcements we’ve gotten until now.


Further Adventures In Finance And Felony was first announced by Rockstar in a recent post where they outlined their DLC plans for the near future. It was there that the name of the update was revealed, as well as the fact that it will be a follow up to last year’s final DLC (excluding the Holiday Surprise)

The other GTA Online DLC announced alongside Finance and Felony was Stunt Ready, which is slated to introduce a full overhaul of the Content Creator, as well as a suite of new vehicles designed specifically with stunting in mind.


The DLC is intended to work as a direct continuation of Executives and Other Criminals, expanding on the whole VIP and white-collar crime aspect introduced in that update. While Executives had you run high-profile jobs with a group of bodyguards, Finance and Felony puts you in the big chair – you’re the boss now.

Finance and Felony hands you control of a whole criminal enterprise, where you must claw your way to the top of the black market hierarchy of Los Santos while fighting the police, rival NPC groups and opposing GTA Online players all at once. Missions will revolve around acquiring goods, delivering shipments and sabotaging enemy operations.


You will be coordinating all of this from new, high-end properties which will serve as your HQ. Whether or not the property limit will be increased to accommodate this new and specialized property type, we know not – but there is a good chance HQs will come with 10 slot garages.

Some details have been revealed about the exact content of the DLC. We know that there will be multiple new vehicles added to GTA Online and that one of those will be the Pegassi Reaper hypercar. While the stats have yet to be unveiled, by the looks of it we might be looking at the next fastest car in the game.

However the locations of the new properties, the other vehicles and the weapons/clothes which will inevitably also be added are yet to be revealed. Rockstar will probably post a trailer and a more detailed run-down of the DLC right before release – but knowing the GTA Online community, that isn’t enough.


Players have started to once again go digging into the game files of the most recent DLC additions. No-one uncovered anything before, but now that the community had a few leads, some interesting info was revealed.

In one image, the screen of the presumable VIP shows the map of Los Santos with several locations marked on it. The screenshot has a high enough resolution to zoom in close enough to make out where those places are without it being too distorted.


The locations lead to large warehouses, factories, abandoned stores, run-down apartment buildings and storage units – all perfect for the purpose of storing illegal goods, or places where black market deals can go down. While some of these locations are actually pretty tidy in contrast with the majority of run-down buildings, it could be that the HQs themselves are on the same map.

In the background of the same image from which the map was taken, a painting can be seen tucked into an opening, as well as cardboard boxes with printing that is identical in style to the Samsung logo print. Players have deduced that some of the contraband will include works of art as well as electronics.


However the most interesting data was mined from GTA Online game files – specifically, these hint at what weapons and other vehicles we can expect. The two new weapons (which have been found so far – there may be more) will probably be the Fire Extinguisher and a Programmable AR.

Obviously, the Fire Extinguisher is more of a tool than a straight-up weapon – maybe some missions will involve your contraband stock being set on fire and players must put it out as soon as possible to lose fewer goods.


The programmable AR on the other hand sounds pretty interesting. While it isn’t clear what is meant by the name, seeing as GTA Online isn’t a particularly Sci-Fi game, we should be thinking in terms of current technology – biometric locks, specialized ammo, etc.

Ammunition references were found for both weapons in the game files, alongside a whole lot of new clothing items which will probably be added with the update.


In terms of transportation, the Pegassi Reaper won’t be the only car to join the vehicle line-up of GTA Online in this update. It seems that we will be getting two new versions of the Oracle, one of which may very well be an armored edition, since we’ve seen a few of those in the Executives and Other Criminals DLC.

Further Adventures In Finance And Felony is shaping up to be a pretty damn solid piece of DLC. Chances are good that it will live up to the claim of being the “biggest and deepest” GTA Online update yet.

Which part of the Further Adventures In Finance And Felony GTA Online DLC are you most hyped for? The new missions? The Reaper? Maybe the weapons?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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